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David Tennant Gushes About Trans Support & Bigots Seethe Over ‘Doctor Who’s Joyful Story

The Doctor has spoken: We’re in the trans joy era, get into it.

​40 Times Trans Actors Were Cast in Trans Roles & Rocked It

There's still so far to go, but it's also nice to celebrate those who've paved the way.

Marlon Wayans Opens Up About Supporting His Trans Son

“As a parent, I just want my kids to be free," the actor said.

'Married At First Sight's JJ Defends Ella From Transphobic Attacks

Trans contestant Ella Morgan Clarke is re-entering Married At First Sight UK with JJ Slater.

Drag Star Jade Jolie Comes Out As Trans

The Drag Race and Dragula alum is opening up about her gender journey.

JVN Deserved Better Than What He Endured On Dax Shepard's Podcast

The Queer Eye star got emotional while defending trans people in a recent Armchair Expert podcast interview with host Dax Shepard.

Angelica Ross Announces She's 'Leaving Hollywood' & Sends A Warning

Ross has been detailing racism and transphobia she's faced in the industry.

Woo Ah! Kim Petras Surprise Drops New Album 'Problématique'

The Grammy-winning pop girlie is keeping her fans fed!

11 Cisgender Privileges You Didn't Know You Had

Understanding this is one step to being the best ally possible to transgender people.

Amanda Lepore Is Ready for Her Next Exciting Era

The nightlife icon is reinventing herself, but she's still rocking her signature red lips.

Will There Be More 'Talk To Me' Films? We Have An Answer

The trans-inclusive horror film is kicking butt at the box office & its directors want more — but is a sequel in the works?

UPDATED: Ne-Yo Changes Tune On 'Offensive' Comments On Trans Kids

Sigh. Do we really have to tell you comparing trans children to animals is not OK?

Ts Madison Claps Back Against Stand-Up Comedian's Transphobic Rant

The internet's favorite personality is standing up for her community.

Angelica Ross Reveals Her FX Contract Cost Her Marvel Gig & More

The Pose star opened up about one of her reasons for joining the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Lance Armstrong, Known Cheat, On 'Fairness of Trans Athletes in Sport'

This is not satire — but it should be.

Sasha Allen's Trans Skeleton Song Is An Epic Clapback Against Bigots

The song of the summer has arrived.

Exclusive: Watch The Trailer For The Trans Drama ‘Summer Solstice’

Bobbi Salvör Menuez and Marianne Rendón star in this queer film about a complicated friendship headed to the Provincetown Film Festival later this month.

Hamish Steele: Writing A Queer, Autistic Teen Helped Me Accept My Past

In this guest post from the creator of Netflix’s Dead End: Paranormal Park they open up to PRIDE about how creating the character of Norma led to a major self-discovery.

Suzy Eddie Izzard Confirms Pronouns & Thwarts Deadnamers

The comic legend officially enters their she/her era, and we love it!