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Alex Jones' New Video Game Is Somehow Even More Unhinged Than You Could Have Imagined

We guess this is one way to follow up his Sandy Hook lawsuits.

​‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ Is Richly Complex & Radically Inclusive Masterpiece​

The most complex RPG is made accessible in this stunning achievement of a game.

Review: '​Starfield' Delivers A Queer-Inclusive Intergalactic Adventure

Starfield let me live out my best gay pirate life. Together with my cowboy husband, we will rule the galaxy.

Did The Last Of Us Just Introduce Ellie’s Future Girlfriend Dina?

Here’s why fans are convinced we just got an important sapphic tease.

Halston Sage Dishes on The Quarry & Working With Marcia Gay Harden

From a horror game to a new rom-com, Halston Sage isn't slowing down.

Hogwarts Legacy's Trans Character Isn't Winning Over Former Fans

This small move towards inclusivity just isn't enough.

The Last Of Us Faithfully Adapted Its Gay Porn Mag & We’re Cackling

Episode four featured an unexpected and welcome cameo in Ace Von Champ.

The Last Of Us Scores 2nd Highest HBO Debut Ratings In Over 12 Years

The premiere of The Last of Us is only behind House of the Dragon.