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5 trans video game characters we love and who got representation right

In honor of the 'Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door' re-release confirming Vivian is trans, here are five more trans video game characters we love

Did these two 'Assassin's Creed' characters just come out? Here's why fans are freaking

Queer gamers may have a reason to celebrate come November.

'​Fallout' is a wonderfully weird, funny & bold post-apocalyptic tale — but is it queer?

PRIDE chats with the creators about their new take on the beloved video game series and how WE factor into it.

Fans freaked out that Pedro Pascal wrapped filming 'The Last of Us' S2

Filming for the second season was set to begin in mid-February.

Fortnite reveals Chromatica-themed Lady Gaga skins and we cannot contain our excitement

We knew this day would come eventually!

Isabela Merced teases chemistry with Bella Ramsey on 'The Last of Us'

Merced has been cast as Ellie's love interest, Dina.

New report shows concerning lack of LGBTQ+ characters in video games

As queer gamers grow in numbers, representation needs to keep up.

Everything we know about 'The Last Of Us' season 2 (so far)

Is it time for the premiere yet?

Alex Jones' New Video Game Is Somehow Even More Unhinged Than You Could Have Imagined

We guess this is one way to follow up his Sandy Hook lawsuits.

10 Talented LGBTQ+ Twitch Streamers You Should Be Following

These Twitch streamers are making the platform more fun and a lot queerer!

15 Steamy Pics of Justin Moore AKA JustinPlus, Gay Twitch Superstar

This Twitch streamer and social media influencer is followed by thousands of fans!

Fan-Casting Queer Stars To Play Link In 'The Legend Of Zelda' Movie

This is a role for one of the talented twinks out there!

Meet 'Overwatch 2's First-Ever Nonbinary Character Set To 'Swashbuckle' Into Season 10

Get hyped — Venture is on their way!

Insomniac’s ‘Spider-Man 2’ Enters Its Bisexual Era With This Beloved Villian

Black Cat is officially out in the hit video game series and the Sapphics are cheering.

Popular 'Call Of Duty' Gamer Apologizes For Homophobic Slur On Camera

The responses to Censor's apology video have been mixed.

Taylor Dayne Talks Friendship With RuPaul & Her Love for the Gays

The LGBTQ+ ally is celebrating a big milestone for her iconic song "Tell It to My Heart."

‘Fae Farm’ Is A Farming Sims That Harvests Both Inclusivity & Relaxing fun

A cozy farming simulator with queer rep at its core.

‘Starfield’ Voice Actor Shuts Down Critics Of The Game's Bi Romance

Elias Toufexis has spoken & he’s not suffering any fools.

​‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ Is Richly Complex & Radically Inclusive Masterpiece​

The most complex RPG is made accessible in this stunning achievement of a game.