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Two Coven Fan Faves Returned to AHS: Apocalypse & Fans Freaked Out

Raffy Ermac

Warning! Some American Horror Story: Apocalypse spoilers ahead!

So last night's episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse was kind of long and complicated, but to make a long story short (and without giving away too, too much of what happened) two beloved, fan favorite characters from AHS' third season, Coven, returned: Misty Day and Stevie Nicks (aka the White Witch)!!

As expected, viewers (who haven't seen these characters on screen in literally five years) freaked the fuck out:

Oh yeah, some important stuff also happened with the sexist coven of Warlocks and the Alpha, but we couldn't be bothered to pay attention because we were reveling in all the Misty Day x Stevie Nicks goodness!!


American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs Wednesday nights on FX at 10pm!

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