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PHOTOS: AIDS Lifecycle 2014 All the Way from San Francisco to LA

Tracy E. Gilchrist

For the 5th time (fourth year in a row), I triumphantly pedaled my bicycle to the AIDS Lifecycle finish line at the V.A. in Los Angeles last Saturday. I joined 2,300 riders and 600 roadies in raising money for The Los Angeles LGBT Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation to help those living with HIV/AIDS, and we broke a world’s record! We raised more than $15 million – the most ever for a single HIV/AIDS event. But more than the money raised, we also raised visibility -- riding en masse from San Francisco to Los Angeles over seven days. Our willingness to be a part of something bigger than us, to be a part of this passionate AIDS Lifecycle family, matters. We are a group that is hard to miss. We are a group that lands on local news programs throughout the state, and we are group that people come out with their kids to cheer for our efforts. We help to never forget those we love and loved and we help to erase stigma. Thank you to training ride leader and photographer Chris Eisenberg for sharing her photos with me (us) – especially since I soaked my good camera just one day into the ride. 

On Day One we ride 82. 5 miles from San Fancisco to Santa Cruz, mainly along Route 1. 

Members of Positive Pedalers march for opening ceremonies. 

A memento from her first flat tire. 

Outside a roadside pieshop north of Santa Cruz. 

Day Two Takes Us from 109 miles from Santa Cruz to King City. 

Roadies Rock! 

Fierce helmet! 

Hundreds of cyclists partake of Salinas' famed fried artichokes. 

On Day Three we conquer famed hill 'Quadbuster' and travel 67 miles from King City to Paso Robles. 


Just one final push to the top. 

Glory at the top! 

Rest stop roadies rock! 

Here I am stretching and hydrating under a lone patch of shade on a 90-degree day. 

The tiny town of Bradley welcomes Lifecycle where the school kids throw a BBQ fundraiser that will fund their afterschool programs for the year! 

Not too tired to cheer! 

Relaxing at the Mission San Miguel outside of Paso Robles. 

Rest stop 4 hosts a Victoria's Secret show to help raise money for the mission. 

We love our medical team! 

After conquering the "Evil Twins" hills we reach the halfway point of our journey on Day 4, traveling 87.5 miles from Paso Robles to Santa Maria. 

Halfway to LA! 

My halfway to LA shot! 

North of Morro Bay. 

Orange Is the New Black-themed rest stop 4. 

On Day 5 we wear red to symbolize a giant AIDS ribbon climbing the winding hills. We travel 42 miles from Santa Maria to Lompoc. 

Tent city is still pretty quiet. 

The Los Angeles LGBT Center 'Centerions' 

Me in my  "Red Is the New Black" scrub with my fave bike techs.

Cyclist Rep extraordinaire Marni Zimlin. Look her up if you decide to ride! Seriously.

A vision to behold. 

Enjoying lunch with the turbo twin flight attendants. 

Teresa and Katie, and a few other couples married in the ALC "Love Bubble" that night. 

Day 6 takes us 84.3 from Lompoc to Santa Barbara down the 101 and along the coast. 

Santa Barbara throws an ice cream party for Aids Lifecycle every year. 

At rest stop 4 north of Ventura. 

Safety is no joke! 

Day 7 is bittersweet taking us 60.7 miles down the Pacific Coast Highway from Ventura to the finish line at the V.A. Center in Los Angeles. 

The Chicken Lady, a Lifecycle fixture, has vistited bike parking with some inspirational notes. 

Actress Traci Dinwiddie marches at closing ceremonies. 

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