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55 Queer Superheroes & Villains We Love

LGBTQ+ heroes and villains have been making the realm of superheroes a more colorful place for over 40 years.

EXCLUSIVE: Miley, Laura Jane Grace, Joan Jett Get 'Androgynous'

Miley Cyrus, Laura Jane Grace, and Joan Jett perform 'Androgynous' to support LGBT youth.

9 Beautiful Celebrity Tweets in Support of Marriage Equality

These celebs took to Twitter to urge the U.S. Supreme Court to stand on the right side of history today.

The Most Hilarious Lady Gaga Oscars Memes

Gaga's red carpet couture inspired a mountain of hilarious memes.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Are Engaged

The bisexual music superstar confirms on Instagram she and Taylor Kinney are engaged to be married.

Getting Nostalgic With Annie Lennox

With the release of her sixth solo studio album, Nostalgia, Annie Lennox opens up about her place in history as an LGBT icon, the role of art in activism, and her hope for a label-free world.

Jennifer Knapp: Christian, Lesbian, and Free

Singer-songwriter Jennifer Knapp opens up about her transformation from a closeted Christian musician to an outspoken advocate for LGBT people of faith.

EXCLUSIVE: Preview Ex-Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta's Sweet New Track 'Candy'

Former Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta gives us an exclusive sneak peek of the delicious new dance track 'Candy' from her upcoming album Feline Resurrection.

'Girls' Creator Won't Marry Until Her Lesbian Sister Can

Lena Dunham, the creator of the hit TV series Girls, says she won’t marry her boyfriend until marriage equality is realized in all 50 states.

Gotham Is All About Holy Diversity, Batman!

Women, queer characters, and people of color in positions of power shine brighter than the Bat-Signal in Fox’s latest comic-inspired TV series, Gotham.

Dominican Republic Cancels Miley Cyrus Concert Because She 'Promotes' Lesbian Sex

Miley Cyrus is twerking hard for the money, but the Dominican Republic government isn’t having it.

Facebook Stands By $10,000 Donation to Anti-LGBT Politician

Facebook defends its support of a politician who has fought fiercely against LGBT civil rights.

Photos: The Costumes of Comic-Con 2014

From the incredible to the absurd and beyond, take a look at some of our favorite fan costumes from the 2014 pop culture extravaganza.

The Lesbian Voice Of These Animated Icons You Love

The iconic voice actress opens up about overcoming bullying, the death of her first wife, and the long journey to accepting herself as a lesbian.

WATCH: Sara Bareilles Helping Lesbian Couple with Marriage Proposal

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how Sara Bareilles helped Aly plan an unforgettable marriage proposal for her girlfriend Andrea in this exclusive video.

Right-Wingers Boycott Chipotle Over Pro-Gay and Antigun Stances

Gun toting right-wingers are boycotting the restaurant chain for supporting LGBT equality and requesting customers leave their firearms at home.

PHOTOS: The Wonderful World of WonderCon 2014

From the incredible to the imaginative, take a look at some of our favorite fan costumes from the pop culture extravaganza.

Sally Field Pens Heartwarming Letter on Gay Son's Rights

The award-winning actress penned a heartfelt letter about her experience as a mother of a gay son and is urging people to stand up against antigay legislation throughout the country.

WATCH: American Idol Gets Its First Openly Gay Contestant!

After 13 seasons, M.K. Nobilette is the first American Idol Top 30 contestant to speak about her sexuality on-camera during an episode of the hit reality series.

WATCH: Madonna Delivers Pro-Gay Speech, Introduces Pussy Riot

The queen of pop made an impassioned progay speech as she introduced Russian protest-punk band Pussy Riot at Amnesty International’s Bringing Human Rights Home concert in Brooklyn.