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A Brief History of 'Star Trek's Portrayal of Trauma and PTSD

Nerd Out's Jessie Gender explores the history of the way PTSD is portrayed in the extremely popular sci-fi media franchise. 

What Does the ContraPoints Controversy Say About the Way We Criticize?

Despite legitimate issues, recent controversies surrounding transgender YouTuber ContraPoints demonstrate some people's inability to create constructive conversations and criticism.

What's Queer Coding? And How Was It Used on Disney Villains?

Nerd Out's Jessie Gender explores the history of queer coding, and how it was used on some of our fave Disney villains.

Is Releasing Dangerous Art, Like 'Joker,' Ethical?

Nerd Out's Jessie Gender explores the controversy behind the Joker film, and the ethics and responsibilities artists have when putting content out into the world. 

The Evolution of Women in the 'Star Trek' Franchise

Nerd Out host Jessie Gender dives deep into the history of how the Star Trek franchise has included and portrayed women.

Why Won't the 'Ion Fury' Devs Remove Homophobic Jokes From the Game?

Nerd Out host Jessie Gender dives deep into the "censorship" controversy surrounding Ion Fury developers Voidpoint.

Does Toxic Femininity Actually Exist?

You've heard of toxic masculinity, but is toxic femininity also a thing? PRIDE's Jessie Gender explores...

'Black Mirror: Striking Vipers' Shows How Games Can Express Identity

PRIDE's Jessie Gender talks about how that new, queer episode of Black Mirror encapsulates the way people use video games to express themselves.

Why Do People Not Want Trans Women Competing in Women's Sports?

PRIDE's Jessie Gender breaks down the argument that trans women are "ruining" women's sports in this new video.

When It Comes to the Cis vs. Trans Debate, We Need to Break the Binary

"Being trans isn’t crazy, weird, or dehumanizing. It’s just different from what many others experience," writes Jessie Gender.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Showrunner Admits Show Failed LGBTQ Viewers

In the new documentary What We Left Behind, DS9 showrunner Ira Steven Behr reflected on how the darkest entry in the progressive franchise failed it’s queer viewers.

How That Girl Power Moment in 'Avengers: Endgame' Actually Failed

Was it empowering? Or was it all performative?

Why Are People Calling Captain Marvel a Mary Sue?

On the latest Nerd Out, Jessie Gender breaks down the sexism behind calling the newest Avenger a "Mary Sue."

Doom Patrol's Genderqueer Street Episode Is the Queerest Thing on TV

The DC Universe series delivered the queerest episode of television in 2019 with the inclusion of a genderqueer street. (Yes, you read that right.)

This Queer 'Star Trek' Band Boldly Goes Where No Band Has Gone Before

LGBTQ Trekkies Angeline and LeRock talk seeking out new sounds by mixing their identity with their love of Star Trek

Magdalene Visaggio Dissects the 'Guarded Optimism' of Modern Sci-Fi

The GLADD Media Award-nominated writer behind Eternity Girl discusses rejecting legacies in her latest graphic novel Vagrant Queen.

A Queer History of 'Star Trek'

In the newest episode of Nerd Out, Jessie Gender delves into some of the queerest moment in the entire Star Trek franchise!

Comparing 'Star Trek: Discovery' and 'The Orville's' Big Gay Episodes

Both shows had major queer storylines in the past week!

Why Bisexual Erasure on TV Needs to Be Dismantled

So what is bi erasure? And why is it so harmful? Jessie Gender breaks it down in the latest episode of Nerd Out!

'Glass' May Be One of the Queerest Superhero Movies Ever

M. Night Shyamalan's latest thriller has so many LGBT-adjacent themes, it may as well be queer canon.