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Is Releasing Dangerous Art, Like 'Joker,' Ethical?

Is Releasing Dangerous Art, Like Joker, Ethical?

Is Releasing Dangerous Art, Like 'Joker,' Ethical?

Nerd Out's Jessie Gender explores the controversy behind the Joker film, and the ethics and responsibilities artists have when putting content out into the world. 


Warner Bros.' latest film Joker, a retelling of the origin story of the popular DC Comics supervillain, has been garnering a ton of press and controversy in recent weeks.

Many people, especially those who have been affected by mass violence in real life, are saying the movie is irresponsible because of its sympathetic portrayal of a social outcast who turns to violence and murder as a way to cope with his feelings of being shunned by society. But does that mean films like this are immoral and shouldn't exist? And what exactly are the ethics and responsibilities that filmmakers undertake when creating and releasing a project of this nature, especially since it has so many real-life implications?

Watch PRIDE's Jessie Gender break it all down in the latest episode of Nerd Out. And for more nerdy goodness, check out more episodes of Nerd Out here!

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