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On Being a Lesbian In: The Gynecologist

This is the first installment of what I hope to be a weekly column/video series devoted to explaining the particular circumstances lesbians deal with in the world and how terrible/hilarious it can be

Ever Gone Through a Lesbian Breakup? - A Poem

i've moved onward and upward and forward and skyward

WATCH: Woman Tries Manspreading on Subway to See What Happens

You don't need nuts to be a nuisance

Kenya Believe It? Part 1 - Musings & Mosquitoes

A new travel series documenting my adventures in Africa

QUIZ: How’s Your Lesbianish Art Herstory Knowledge?

How well do you know your Georgia O'Keefe's?

QUIZ: Lesbian Jeopardy! Week 2 – Halloween is Gay

Sure, Halloween is gay, but how much do you know about lesbian Halloween?