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WATCH: New 'Like A Girl' Commercial Will Rock the Superbowl and Shatter Stereotypes

WATCH: New 'Like A Girl' Commercial Will Rock the Superbowl and Shatter Stereotypes

WATCH: New 'Like A Girl' Commercial Will Rock the Superbowl and Shatter Stereotypes

When did it become an insult to do something "like a girl"?

This Sunday, millions of people in the US (and even around the world if they care enough) will pack bars or throw beer-swilling living room parties in order to watch a bunch of guys toss around a ball while repeatedly running into each other.  (Yes, I am one of those women who really doesn't get the appeal of football, though I do love playing with friends on the beach).  Super Bowl Sunday, along with being one of the biggest days in terms of alcohol cosumption, offers some other not so wonderful traditions that follow this epic game day. 

(Not) Fun fact #1: Superbowl Sunday is consistently the day that contributes the highest incidence of domestic violence incidents in the country.

(Not) Fun fact #2: Superbowl Sunday creates a massive spike in the national demand for prostitutes--as I write this girls from all over the US who have been forced into the sex trafficking industry are being transported by highly-organized convoys of pimps and gang members to Phoenix and other major cities to meet this demand. 

Isn't that just fucking great?

Well, despite these sobering statistics, there IS something that we can look forward to this Sunday: the commercials. Super Bowl ads are among the most expensive advertising pieces in the entire year and companies pull all the stops trying to outdo each other in the quest for funniest/most outrageous/memorable Superbowl spots.  

This year in particular, companies are trying to undercut some of the rampant misogyny and overall mistreatment of women that seems to accompany everything that has to do with football (see above statistics). Now, I've never really been a fan of tampon ads, mainly because they feature way-too-happy-considering-they're-on-their-period women dancing in all-white clothing through equally pristine settings.  

Thanfully, Always--tampon and pad makers extraordinnaire--decided to overturn both the traditional tampon ad snafu as well as the overwhelming tendency to classify things done "like a girl" as inherently weak, wrong, or bad. Back in June, they launched the #likeagirl campaign which was met with great enthusiasm from all sides.  They stripped down one of the videos they shot and have turned it into arguably one of the most progressive and important Superbowl ads to date (and hopefully a strong counterpoint to the traditionally horribly-sexist GoDaddy ads).


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