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Heartland May Be the Romantic Lesbian-Themed Film Of Our Time

Help us get this amazing film made.

What Paulson Says Blog: Lesbian Fashion

I am going to rant and rave about fashion in this blog, so I'm going to say this now: I'm sorry if I offend anyone who's reading and wears any of the things I'm about to mention. I don't have any affiliation to the fashion world at all. I'm just a lesbian with a big mouth.

What Paulson Says Blog: Why are Justin Bieber and One Direction the Hottest Lesbians Ever?

Ok. WHAT is going on? I'm in love with this new wave of pop sensations that look like younger versions of the sexiest lesbians I've ever seen. Seriously… If the girls looked like these teens when I was this age, I would have come out much earlier. We all know the ever-popular site Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber, but have we ever noticed that Justin himself is the hottest lesbian in the world? Well, him and all the One Direction boys.

Ten Thousand Lesbians, One Desert: Rachel Paulson's Dinah Dos and Don'ts!

Last weekend was the highly-anticipated, always-festive annual event that makes every lesbian within six hundred miles of Palm Springs, CA go on crash diets and buy new bathing suits and board shorts. Last weekend was... The Dinah.

New West Hollywood Lesbian Night Twisted and Live in Photos!

I'll start by saying it's so refreshing to have something new and different in West Hollywood, instead of the tired old regular girls nights where everyone is wasted and no one is attractive. I covered this event before it happened - and then I attended it…and now I'm coming back at you with photos and a little recap of what happened the fateful night that Twisted and Live took over Here Bar in West Hollywood.

New LA Lesbian Night: Twisted and Live Sessions at Here Lounge in LA Aug. 30

When the lesbians in Los Angeles think of Here Lounge, we think of the sexy, scantily clad "Truck Stop Girls" dancing and giving lap dances at the super sexily staffed bar.On Tuesday, Aug. 30, Twisted and Live Music Sessions will be putting on a music event at Here Lounge in WeHo that not only seems like an amazing place to meet your hot new wife, but also benefits The Trevor Project.

Marja Lewis Ryan's 'Dysnomia's' Got Lesbians and a Lot of Heart at LA's Lounge Theater

As a fan of Marja Lewis-Ryan's lesbian-themed film The Four-Faced Liar I didn't think she could top herself, but she in fact has done just that with her new play Dysnomia now playing at Los Angeles’ Lounge Theater.

Exclusive Interview with 'The Real L Word's Tracy Ryerson - Video

Just in time for the season finale, The Real L Word’s Tracy Ryerson chats with SheWired’s Rachel Paulson about the upcoming season finale, her relationship with her mom and Stamie, those TMZ bikini shots, bringing back 'camel toe' and how to devise a Real L Word drinking game.

Exclusive Interview: Clementine Ford: Video

SheWired chats with The Young and the Restless star and former L-Worder Clementine Ford. Daughter of the iconic Cybill Shepherd, Clementine has been making inroads in the biz since she starred as Molly Kroll, Shane's one true love on The L Word. Here's Clementine on her early career, coming out, watching her mom as a "raging lesbian" on the L Word, dating mega-producer Linda Perry and more...

SheWired Exclusive Interview: 'A Marine Story's' Paris Pickard

Paris Pickard, star of "A Marine Story" along with Dreya Weber ("The Gymnast"), chats with SheWired's Rachel Paulson about her first acting role, the LGBT community and the film industry. Paris was previously seen on season one of "Gimme Sugar."

The Amazing Chef Susan Feniger and Her Filmmaking Partner Liz Lachman: Video

SheWired's Rachel Paulson recently sat down with master chef and out lesbian Susan Feniger and her filmmaker girlfriend Liz Lachman to find out what the two women have coming up. Feniger has appeared on Top Chef Masters and Liz directed the acclaimed short Getting to Know You, starring Elizabeth Keener.

Rachel's Pink Carpet: Rough Duchess at The Betty

Dani Frank does it again; she brings the worlds of fashion, music and nightlife together. Electro-pop group Rough Duchess, headlined by Sam Vitez, the British fashionista who shows up with a lightening bolt drawn down her cheek and high-top Nikes on her feet, performed at The Betty, Wednesday nights at Fubar

Rachel's Pink Carpet: Hunter Valentine at GirlBar for LA Pride

It's Friday night, Los Angeles Pride weekend. Where are you? I don't know where you are, but I know for sure I was at GirlBar. Dani Frank, the club's newest promoter, brought in Canadian rock/indie group Hunter Valentine to play the kickoff pride party.

'The Real L Word's' Mikey Koffman Video Interview: Exclusive

The Real L Word's Mikey Koffman is a straight shooter on and off the show. She chats with SheWired's Rachel Paulson about living out her life in front of the camera, the two times she was trashed on the show, her relationship with the other girls, and of course, fashion week!

Exclusive Interview: Whitney Mixter, 'The Real L Word' VIDEO

The Real L Word premiered last Sunday but we got the show's heartbreaker Whitney Mixter to chat with us on camera. For the show's premiere Whitney had gotten herself into no fewer than three lesbian dalliances (one is implied, but you'll have to tune in to the second episode to find out what happens). Meet the reality show's ostensible Shane up close with SheWired contributor Rachel Paulson. 

Rachel's Pink Carpet: 'The Real L Word' HRC Premiere: Video!

Cast members and Ilene Chaiken, creator of Showtime's all-new reality series The Real L Word, joined forces with HRC for a jam-packed event at West Hollywood's East West Lounge June 15. Join SheWired's on-the-spot interviewer Rachel Paulson for exclusive red carpet interviews with Chaiken, and cast members Rose, Nikki, Jill, Mikey and Whitney -- who are soon to be some of the best known lesbians in the country once the show airs June 20, only on Showtime. 

Friday Night at Girlbar: LA's New Hot Spot: Photos!

Check out Girlbar's new look ala LA club promoter Dani Frank. It's lesbians, dancer, DJ's, Booze and so much more.
Girlbar, begun back in the day by Sandy Sachs and Robin Gans, may prove once again to be the hottest new spot for girls in Los Angeles... So ladies get out your pack of Parliament lights from the back of that kitchen drawer -- the ones you promised you'd never smoke, put on your Friday best, and get out there, cause Friday's at Girlbar, are not to be missed. Way to go Dani, one of the best nights I've seen in Los Angeles in a while! Oh, and please oh please, I beg you to check out the dancers. They are worth seeing.

Dani Frank, the Betty and Girlbar! Oh My!

Dani Frank, who hosts The Betty, a hot new night for women at West Hollywood’s FUBAR where fashion meets Jack Daniels, has a message about big changes happening at Girlbar, LA’s iconic women’s Friday night party.

The Debut of Rachel's Pink Carpet: The Dinah 2010

Wow. All I can say is wow. I have never been to such a an event as The Dinah, which some people started calling "The Dinah Sore", and I can see why. I drove up on Friday afternoon, seemingly taking Jell-O shots before the drive up, and when I say Jell-O shots, I simply mean vodka poured into a cherry Jell-O. Rough to say the least. Maybe it was the shots, maybe it the car full of five lesbians, but we got lost.

Rachel Paulson's Top 11 Straight Guys Lesbians Crush On...

Many gay woman aren't necessarily "Gold Star Gays" by definition -- a lesbian who has never slept with a man. So the majority of us has had boyfriends, male crushes and occasional hook-ups with guys. And while we are now full-on lez, there is the occasional lingering appreciation. Even full-on dykes occasionally develop guilty-pleasure boy crushes on musicians and actors..