12 Bisexual TV Characters Who Never Identified as Bi

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Bi Pride

Bisexual representation on television is at an all-time high, but with that comes a growing trend of including characters who act bisexually but never use the word "bisexual."

It may seem nitpicky, because of course, in real life, not labeling oneself is a completely valid way to go. However, TV is another matter. We take cues from TV and learn from TV. In many cases, the first time people hear the word "bisexual" is on TV. Characters need to say it and validate it so that real-world people can hear it.

The sad fact remains that the trend of not using the word "bisexual" has gotten so popular that it's become almost an inside joke among bisexuals. To air our frustration, we've created a list of a few such characters, some new and some old. Some of them never had a chance to use the word. Some still do.

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