Kids don't always have it easy, and when you're a gay kid, life can be even tougher. PRIDE has everything you need to know about what life is like for LGBT youth, whether it be tips on how to come out to your family or how to learn more about and be involved in the community. We follow youth activists like Tyler Oakley and writer Dan Savage (founder of the It Gets Better campaign) and keep you updated on all the ways LGBT life does get better — PRIDE is with you every step of the way!

Growing up in the closet is THE WORST.

February 18 2019 12:56 PM

Another inclusive addition to the iconic doll brand!

February 13 2019 6:02 PM

"There's always been a rainbow hanging over your head."

February 11 2019 1:23 PM

"Your boy is gonna have a great life with you as his role model," said one commenter.

January 24 2019 2:02 PM


January 08 2019 2:45 PM

 “Easy, I’m Céline Dion.”

November 13 2018 2:24 PM

"I feel kind of bad making it as sad as I did."

November 07 2018 7:13 PM