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Kids don't always have it easy, and when you're a gay kid, life can be even tougher. PRIDE has everything you need to know about what life is like for LGBT youth, whether it be tips on how to come out to your family or how to learn more about and be involved in the community. We follow youth activists like Tyler Oakley and writer Dan Savage (founder of the It Gets Better campaign) and keep you updated on all the ways LGBT life does get better — PRIDE is with you every step of the way!

21 Celebs Who Are Out & Proud of Their Trans & Nonbinary Kids

Grab the tissues because these quotes are going to give you all the feels.

20 kids TV shows with cute AF queer couples​

Danger Force isn't the only children's series with representation for LGBTQ+ couples!

7 Tips For Navigating High School When You're In The Closet

High school can be tough, especially when you're closeted, but these five things can make getting through it a little easier.

16 Kids TV Shows with Cute AF Queer Couples

Queer rep has never been more adorable.

'Sesame Street' Pride Tweet Sends Homophobes Into A Tail Spin

Have they even seen Sesame Street before??

25 Inspiring LGBTQ-Themed Children's Books

These 25 titles will definitely help make any young, LGBTQ kid feel seen.

15 Awesome LGBTQ+ Movies About High School

These movies are awesome, even if high school wasn't.

The 15 Best LGBTQ+ Coming-Of-Age Movies

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Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union Gush Over Zaya's Winter Formal Dress

"Supporting each other for life’s big moments is key."

New Data Reveals Gen Z Is Queerer Than Ever

Census data from England and Wales shows a sharp rise in LGBTQ+ self-identification.

Bigots Target Disney Cartoon Over Character With Same-Sex Parents

Conservative organizations are lashing out at Firebuds.

Andrew Rannells & Tan France Are Adorable Gay Dads In Princess Power

The sweet new, queer-inclusive series heads to Netflix this month.

Peppa Pig's Same-Sex Polar Bear Moms Are Causing a Christian Meltdown

Don't they get tired of being mad over completely inane things all the time?

Transformers: EarthSpark Series Introduces Nonbinary Robot, Fans React

Watch the moment from the episode here!

Bob the Drag Queen Is a Literal Purse in Craig of the Creek Cameo

"I'll make you look sickening henny."

Wendell & Wild’s Director & Star On The Film’s Wondrous Inclusivity

PRIDE spoke with Henry Selick and James Hong about trans and Asian American representation in their new film.

Disney Parks to Use More Inclusive Language for Fairy Godmothers

And yes, people are already getting mad about it.

10 Celebrities Who Are Outspoken About Loving Their Trans & Nonbinary Kids

Grab the tissues because these quotes are going to give you all the feels.

Is Ryan Gosling Playing This Gay Icon Ken Doll in New ‘Barbie’ Movie?

The first image is out and we have questions.

HBO Max Debuting Animated Family Rock Opera Celebrating Individuality

'Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed' hits the streamer later this month.