Viral 'Gay Is Bad' YouTube Kid Is Now Adorably Pro-LGBTQ

Rachel Kiley

If you’ve ever seen a Kids React video, you probably remember the little boy with the impressive eyebrows who reacted fairly poorly to the idea of same-sex marriage in 2013.

"I think that you have to find a boy and a girl…you can get married like that," the then-five-year-old explained. "Gay is bad for you."

The kid, Lucas, has continued coming back for the React series over the years, and six years later, the internet is obsessing over how much he’s changed.

The latest video in the popular YouTube series features people from different generations reacting to Cyrus’s coming out scene in the Disney Channel show Andi Mack, and Lucas is among them.

His reaction is sweet, as his eyes get watery and he shares that he "hates when people that are gay and lesbian say that they’re different, but they’re not really different."

At the table later, Lucas recalls his memory of that old, viral moment in the show where he was so aggressively against gay marriage as barely more than a toddler.

"I was only five years old!" he says, smiling. "I did not know anything…but now I understand it. Because why? My parents taught me!"

"I’m glad my parents taught me that everybody can live their life," he added.

People in the comments and on Twitter alike are all about the growth this kid has shown in his young life, praising him for his eloquence and his ability for acceptance.




We couldn't agree more!

And it's not the first opportunity little Lucas has had to show how his young mind has expanded to be more forward thinking. Several videos over the years have shown his evolving viewpoint on the LGBTQ community and representation in media.

It's utteraly adorable, and a testament to how easily children can adapt and learn to be accepting with only the slightest nudge in the right direction.

You can watch the full Generations React video below!

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