6 Reasons We'll Never Forget Mischa Barton's Lesbian Romance On The OC 

Briana Gonzalez

You may publicly shame people all you want (but for reals don't do that), but deep down you know you loved The OC, and cherished this iconic '00s show. Even if the show was rather campy, it covered a lot of major issues, like substance abuse, hard family situations, and (gasp!) sexuality. 

What caught our attention when going back through all the Cooper and Cohen shenanigans on this beloved Laguna beach show? Marissa Cooper’s relationship with Alex Kelly, of course. 

1. For many in our generation, this was the first time we saw a major plotline that featured two main female characters dating.

We’ll obviously never forget Ross’ ex Carol leaving him for Susan, but Marissa + Alex were definitely our first real exposure to girls dating on primetime TV.

2. Their relationship was between two femme women.

Despite not being the most average depiction of what lesbian couples look like, we’re happy the show depicted the fact that femme women date other femme women too.

3. Alex Kelly was openly bisexual.


Bisexuality is also another major point the show made on primetime television, especially since she chose Marissa over Seth, which ended up depicting another very real situation that often occurs with bisexual women—people making stupid comments

4. Their relationship depicted (a Hollywood version of) what sexual experimentation is supposed to be like—safe and consenting.


There’s never any feelings of predator/prey happening here, and we really appreciate that.

5. How they acted in front of Coop’s mom Julie, accurately depicted how many of us acted when we were baby gays in the closet, fucking around with our “friends” while they were over at our houses in high school.

That shit was so thrilling.

6. It may not have lasted, but it fully captured the intensity and reality of what two women dating and living together is actually like. 

Like dealing with unapproving parents. Shit got so real.

Thanks so much, FOX. We’ll never forget it.



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