K-Pop's First Openly Gay Debut Made Us Swoon With a Romantic Same-Sex Music Video

Taylor Henderson

K-pop's first openly gay idol has finally debuted. Relatively unknown South Korean singer Holland dropped the video for 'Neverland' and has already racked up over 1.6 million views in just over a day.

The lyrics paint the picture of a man struggling against society's homophobia, and the visuals show Holland desperate to escape to a utopia with his lover. The romantic music video even features a steamy same-sex kiss that raised South Korea's age appropriate rating to 19+, and will surely make you swoon.

According to Billboard, K-Pop fans have been desperate for diversity and LGBTQ inclusion and quickly latched onto the independent artist when he began teasing the Neverland video last week, even getting #HollandDebutDay to trend on Twitter.

While K-pop idol MRSHLL came out last year, Holland is the first artist in the scene to openly address his sexuality with his debut. Homosexuality is still relatively taboo in South Korea, and few celebrities in the entertainment industry are out with their sexuality. 

Watch 'Neverland' below:

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