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Keiynan Lonsdale Has Our Gay Asses Screaming YAAAAAAAS in Preach Music Video

Taylor Henderson

After coming out as liking both girls and guys last summer, Keiynan Lonsdale has openly and beautifully embraced his sexuality and newfound freedom.

"Sexuality was the thing I gripped so tightly on for my whole life," the Love, Simon star told PRIDE. "Once I was completely free, I just started to grow a lot. I've changed a lot. This is what it feels like to be a full human being."

On the last weekend of Pride Month, Lonsdale dropped his newest single "Preach," a carefree exclamation about falling in love headfirst, and an exhilarating music video that is sure to make your gay heart squeal. 

(Is this how teenage girls feel when they watch Justin Beiber? I get it now!)

He told The Fader in an email that it took him a while to truly understand what the song meant to him. "I wrote "Preach" over a year ago...but I didn’t know what it actually meant, or its significance to my life, until several months later. Both the song and the video have become like my mirrors, so everything good & bad that comes with one's own reflection has of course presented itself through this project haha."

"I want everyone to have their own interpretation of it for them, but for me it’s about fucking with your own soul, agreeing to be on the ride together no matter what, and discovering/remembering that magic is real if you believe it so."

Watch "Preach" in the video below!

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