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Steve Grand Lies With Daddy Jesus in 'Disciple' Video Premiere

Taylor Henderson

Openly gay "All-American Boy" singer Steve Grand has found his daddy in the world debut of his stirring new music video, "Disciple."

"The song and video were both inspired by a difficult time in my life where I was really struggling with a lot," Grand told PRIDE. "It felt like an all-out war inside of me."

The music video opens with Grand left beaten and bleeding on the beach. He's found by an older man who nurses him back to health. "Jesus be my daddy," Grand croons in the song's opening line. 

"Mary bows her head, tell it once again/Now I am just a man, but me and Jesus, we weren’t just friends."

The two lovers get some heavy make-out scenes and with the help of his "daddy," Grand battles an ongoing alcohol addiction. But when he falls off the bandwagon and his inner demons are set free—quite literally with a Steve Grand doppelganger—things quickly take a bloody turn.

"I think we all know what it’s like to have internal conflict, regardless of the scale," explained Grand. "Sometimes that conflict can feel so overwhelming, that it almost feels physical. My partner at the time used to say that sometimes, in the moments where I was really struggling internally, he felt like he was witnessing one person split off into two. That has always stuck with me, so I wanted to give some voice to the way I imagined it was for him in those difficult moments."

For the 29-year-old, Christian symbolism was vital in telling this particular story.

"I grew up in a Catholic family that went to church every Sunday. So all that sort of imagery; all of those stories, have been embedded within me since before I can remember. So when I’m trying to convey the idea of a 'savior,' for instance, it’s natural for me to draw on the stories and the images of Jesus I have seen throughout my life."

Watch the riveting world premiere of "Disciple" below!

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