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This gay former college football player just got engaged in the cutest way possible!

Ryan Deluca posted about his boyfriend's sweet proposal on Instagram.

K-rapper Jay Park launched an OnlyFans and people are losing their minds

The whole thing is only a publicity stunt... for now.

Aiden Zhane steps back from drag

The RuPaul's Drag Race alum said drag has "not brought me much in the way of success for quite some time."

From Meta to X, the top social media companies are failing LGBTQ+ users: GLAAD

Most of the top social media companies got an 'F' grade on GLAAD’s 2024 Social Media Safety Index. Of the major platforms, TikTok was the only one to pass with a dismal D+ grade.

Viral WNBA clip of SPICY interaction between two players has fans hot and bothered

There was a fever online over this interaction between Dijonai Carrington and NaLyssa Smith.

30 steamy pics of Matteo Lane that got us all hot & bothered

The comedian is an absolute heartthrob!

Ricky Martin knows EXACTLY what he's doing to the gays by thirst trapping in his undies

"Alone now," the Puerto Rican singer, actor, and heartthrob wrote in a new post.

Trinity K. Bonet RESPONDS to Derrick Barry saying she doesn't want to work with her again

In a recent interview with PRIDE, Barry spilled the tea on some backstage tension with Bonet.

Britney Spears drops mysterious hint about her sprained ankle

Can this poor woman ever just get a break?

30 steamy pics of out celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek

We'd let him style us any day!

Meet Steven Kelly, the sexy gymfluencer taking over TikTok

He's dripping with sweat and the gays are loving it!

Instagram on blast for censoring gay family pic as 'graphic content'​

The social media platform is in hot water after users noticed a bizarre content warning attached to a sweet picture of a gay family.

DeJa Skye reacts to being called 'most underrated Drag Race queen'

“So this last post got me in my feelings,” the Drag Race season 14 star wrote.

Ariana Grande wants you to back off her ex-hubby amid cheating rumors

“It is not how to support me," she said. "It is the opposite."

10 sizzling pics of Daniel Dae Kim as he embraces his 'zaddy' title

The actor recently admitted he didn't know what a zaddy was at first.

Jessica Capshaw teases 'Grey's Anatomy' return & fans are VERY EXCITED

Arizona is coming back to Grey’s Anatomy, baby!

Britney Spears shades Justin Timberlake: 'Will you go home crying to mom like last time?'

And just like that… it feels like 2002 all over again!