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‘The Boys’ baddies on why the show's secret super weapon is the complexity of its villains

PRIDE sat down with the cast of the hit show to talk about the joys and pains of being a baddie, how the show is our greatest lens into modern culture — oh, and awkward octopi sex.

‘X-Men ‘97’ star JP Karliak on wokeness, ENBY rep & why *that* episode left him sobbing

PRIDE sat down with Morph's voice actor to talk about why this show isn't just entertaining, but a VITAL source of representation.

'​Fallout' is a wonderfully weird, funny & bold post-apocalyptic tale — but is it queer?

PRIDE chats with the creators about their new take on the beloved video game series and how WE factor into it.

Tia Kofi is ready to rule the world & long may she reign!

The Queen of the Mother Tucking World opens up about the moment she won, finally feeling fully herself, and how her new partner is helping to keep her feeling grounded.

Tia Kofi & Hannah Conda dish on 'DRUKvTW' secrets, rivalries & have us CACKLING

Before the finale, PRIDE sat down with Hannah Conda and Tia Kofi to talk sisterhood, reunion rivalries, and the funniest moment we didn’t get to see.

​Watch Larry David ROAST 'little baby' Donald Trump like only he can, we're CACKLING

It's so satisfying to hear someone say what were all thinking!

Lindsay Lohan & Ayesha Curry spill the tea on new rom-com 'Irish Wish'

PRIDE interviewed the Irish Wish stars and talked about how much they are adored by LGBTQ+ fans.

The cast of 'Girls5Eva' dish on gay dating and the hilarious new season

"I just can't believe that so many gay people are loving the show," star Paula Pell says.

‘DRUK vs The World’ star Mayhem Miller dishes on making friends, alliances & that cash prize twist

Plus she confesses to which of her cast members she would marry — and who she would eat first.

'Couple to Throuple' hosts dish on the sexy & queer new dating show

Shamyra Howard and Scott Evens dish on the messy LGBTQ+ reality show, and what it's like helping people add a third to their relationship.

'RuPaul’s Drag Race' star Mirage on her shocking elimination & those shady ‘Untucked’ moments

Plus she talks about her mindset leading into the lip sync and why she let suspicion get the best of her.

Venus on the ‘magnitude,’ joy, and responsibility of being Canada’s Next Drag Superstar

Canada’s Drag Race season four's winner on the unbelievable moment she knew she had won, meeting her international sisters at DragCon UK, and why she’s intends to be a queen for the people in her reign

Ekin-Su spills the tea on 'Traitors' elimination & drama with Janelle

Plus, Ekin-Su shares with PRIDE her love for the LGBTQ+ community, and gives us a Love Island update on her relationship with Davide.

Niohuru X spins her pain & passion into a beautiful, dark drag alchemy and she’s not done yet

The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula season five winner spills all on snatching the crown, healing her inner child, and where things stand with Orkgotik today.

Reneé Rapp BURNS rude bus touring company owner in viral clip: 'F--k you, Buddy'

Don't mess with a Mean Girl's friends and family!

Daniel Levy’s ‘Good Grief’ makes queer love, friendship, and grief exquisitely messy and real

PRIDE interviews Dan Levy, Ruth Negga, and Arnaud Valois about their poignant and aching new film.

Canada’s Drag Race’ star Aimee Yonce Shennel on being fearless & feuding with her sisters

Plus, why she is living for the Matilda of it all.

'Fellow Traveler's Jonathan Bailey Is Dying To Star In A Film About A Real-Life Queer Army

"Oil us up and let's go!" Fellow Travelers co-star Matt Bomer said of the dream project.

Watch: George Santos' Ziwe Interview Was As Disastrous As We Hoped & We're Cackling

Well this was a terrible idea — we're delighted.

The Stars Of 'A Holiday I Do' On The Joy Of Making A Sapphic Christmas Rom-Com

During an interview with PRIDE, Lindsay Hicks and Rivkah Reyes open up about their on-screen chemistry and why movies like this are so important.