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Conservatives just figured out 'The Boys' is making fun of them and their meltdown is HILARIOUS

Showrunner Eric Kripke confirmed the satire behind the show.

Watch: Out wrestler Anthony Bowens scissored this granny and it's the cutest thing ever

Anthony Bowens put a huge smile on this grandma's face!

20 HILARIOUS reactions to Fenty's new pixie wig that have us CACKLING

The internet did not disappoint because the memes are hilarious!

25 HILARIOUS reactions to Marjorie Taylor Greene being ROASTED by a Democrat for acting a fool

The MAGA queen tried to insult a Democrat and it backfired spectacularly!

​25 HILARIOUS reactions to Trump being ROASTED by Libertarians using his own gross words

Libertarians booed the former president and brought in rubber chickens to mock him and now we can't stop laughing!

15 times wrestler Anthony Bowens and his boyfriend were the CUTEST

We can't get enough of how sweet these two are together!

The Chiefs' Harrison Butker just got trolled with a drag makeover and we're GAGGING

The anti-LGBTQ+ Chief's kicker would probably hate his new drag persona but we think it's a huge improvement!

From Meta to X, the top social media companies are failing LGBTQ+ users: GLAAD

Most of the top social media companies got an 'F' grade on GLAAD’s 2024 Social Media Safety Index. Of the major platforms, TikTok was the only one to pass with a dismal D+ grade.

Elon Musk's X bans 'cisgender'

It’s the latest attack on transgender people by Elon Musk’s company.

'Drag Race's Jaremi cosplays as drag version of Patrick Star and we're gagging

Wait, do we find SpongeBob SquarePants' friend hot now?!

An Iconic Lil Kim Dance move saves woman in tragic drive-by shooting

This Alabama woman says she was ducking and dodging like the legendary rapper, and social media is loving the reference.

Log Cabin Republicans chapter wishes for death of Joe Biden using 'kombucha girl' meme

The national group held a fundraising event last weekend at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

U.S. may pull plug on TikTok

As the new law hits Biden's desk, what does a TikTok ban actually mean for users? Here's the rundown.

How TikTok helped me come out of my shell and into my identity as a trans woman

Jae Gurley shares her transformative journey on TikTok, from finding community and identity to embarking on a transition journey.

Republican pundit tries to go viral with anti-trans outrage video — gets DRAGGED instead

A conservative activist tried to go viral… but it backfired gloriously!

Trump is no longer dog whistling and the internet is ruthlessly ROASTING him — as they should be

Also, he seems to forget that he's running against Biden and not Obama!

Martina Navratilova calls out Caitlyn Jenner's hypocrisy on trans rights and we're FLOORED

For once the tennis pro is on the right side of history!

Watch students mock Libs of TikTok speech by LAUGHING and asking her to define 'woke'

Listening to Gen Z laugh at Chaya Raichik may be our new favorite sound.