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Watch This Texas Democrat Leave Republicans Speechless When He Uses The Bible Against Them

“I guess what I’m trying to figure out is why is having a rainbow in a classroom is indoctrination and not having the Ten Commandments in a classroom,” Texas State Rep. James Talarico argued in a now viral video.

Caitlyn Jenner Misspelled A Slur And Twitter Is Roasting While We Cackle

The former Olympian tried to use a slur on social media and ended up falling flat on her face.

Rumors Fly After Joe Jonas Is Spotted Cozying Up With 'Devotion' Costar Spencer Neville

Gay fans on social media are speculating their may be more to the friendship than meets the eye!

Pro Hockey Teammates Tyson Jost and Alex Tuch Go On A 'Speed Date'

The Buffalo Sabres players got just a little bit gay in an adorable skit.

15 Italian Studs You Need To Follow On Instagram

These Italian hotties will have you scrolling for days.

OMG These Fake Celeb Charity Auction Listings Are High Key Hilarious

All of these need to happen immediately.

Miley Cyrus Jokes About Her Younger Self Queer Flagging In Iconic Pic

The "Wrecking Ball" singer said people definitely should have known she was bi!

'Drag Race's Kornbread & Farrah Moan Drama Explained

Here’s why these two queens were fighting on social media.

Trekkie's Are Angry That Star Robert Beltran Supported *This* Tweet

The Star Trek actor also broke the SAG-AFTRA strike rules and then responded to a social media post about "real fans." Not cute.

Threads Is Already Off To A Questionable Start For The Gays

So many drawbacks, and even more jokes making fun of them.

Keke Palmer Got Shamed By Her Boyfriend & Clapped Back Like A Qween

Don’t come for Keke unless she sends for you.

Threads Launched Yesterday, Here’s What You Need To Know About It

The new social media platform may be the Twitter replacement you've been waiting for.

Why 'Bonus Hole' Is Going Viral On Twitter & What The Term Means

TERFs have latched on to the term and are using it as an excuse to spew more transphobia.

Fans Clap Back At Person Who Secretly Filmed Andy Cohen At NYC Pride

Give Andy some privacy and let the man LIVE!

Noah Schnapp Celebrates First Pride In NYC & Fends Off Trolls

And fans were ready to defend him from the predictable homophobic backlash.

250+ Celebs, GLAAD & HRC Demand Social Media CEOs End Anti-Trans Hate

The open letter to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter calls for an end to the viral lies and disinformation being spread on their platforms.

Sense8 Star Miguel Ángel Silvestre Made Us Swoon With A Steamy Photo

We've never been happier to see a hunky star take a nap!