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Ashlyn Harris Slams Cheating Rumors Amid Split From Ali Krieger & New Sophia Bush Romance

Harris took to Instagram to tell her side of the story.

Taika Waititi Has A Message For Westerners: Chill The Eff Out & Be Better To Trans Folks

PRIDE spoke with the director and Jaiyah Saelua about their new film Next Goal Wins and how its heartwarming story is a message about trans acceptance and learning to let go.

WNBA Baby On The Way! Chelsea & Tipesa Gray Expecting

Will the baby be a Taurus or Gemini?!

Love Is Dead, Soccer Stars Ashlyn Harris & Ali Krieger Announce Divorce

That sound you hear is Sapphic tears everywhere hitting the ground.

Martina Tells Daniel Radcliffe to 'Be Quiet' On Trans Rights, Should Take Own Advice

The tennis star took issue with the actor’s inclusive stance on transgender women’s representation in sports.

Carl Nassib Announces His Retirement

The out NFL player shared why he’s leaving the sport & what’s next.

Adam Rippon Says Lance Armstrong Wouldn't Drop Trans Athlete Rant

Armstrong clashed with other Stars on Mars contestants over the topic.

Anthony Bowens Is Officially A World Champion & Remains A Gay Icon

The out wrestler scored the World Championship belt in the world’s biggest pro-wrestling event.

Sha’Carri Richardson Is Back On Top, The Fastest Woman in the World

The out runner's comeback is just in time for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Is Carl Nassib Retiring From Football?

Here's why fans fear he won't be on the field this season.

25 Steamy Pics Of Olympian Tomás González To Celebrate His Coming Out

The hunky gymnast gets a gold medal in thirst traps!

Lance Armstrong, Known Cheat, On 'Fairness of Trans Athletes in Sport'

This is not satire — but it should be.

Brittney Griner Harassed By Right-Wing YouTuber At Dallas Airport

The Phoenix Mercury player was confronted by Alex Stein while at an airport.

How Wrestlecon Responded To Transphobic Trolling Is Honestly Shocking

Rick Steiner is facing consequences for his behavior toward trans wrestler Gisele Shaw.

UFC Fighter Jeff Molina Comes Out As Bisexual

The flyweight fighter was forced to share his identity after a video leaked online.

Jakub Jankto, Czech Football Star Comes Out As Gay

The athlete shared he wants to “live his life in freedom.”