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warrior nun

'Warrior Nun' Season 2 Almost Featured Even Less Of The Sapphic Love Story

Apparently Netflix executives weren't on board with centering Ava and Beatrice.

'Warrior Nun' Has Officially Resurrected! Here’s What We Know

Sometimes fan campaigns do win the day

‘Warrior Nun’ Is Returning For Third Season Thanks To Fan Campaign

Fans who fought long for this day are celebrating the incredible news that the canceled show will be back after all.

A List of Queer TV Shows That Got Canceled In The Past Year

A rundown of all of the great LGBTQ+ television shows that got the boot over the course of the last year.

‘Warrior Nun’ Fans Keep Fighting For Renewal & Release A Short Doc

The #SaveWarriorNun campaign continues.

Is Warrior Nun Canceled For Good? The Creator Signals Hope

Simon Barry is team #SaveWarriorNun.