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zachary quinto

Forget baby girls, here are the Tortured Man Club boys we love

Actor Andrew Scott started a "Tortured Man Club" group chat so now we're adding new members!

25 queer actors who should be starring in everything

Out actor Johnny Sibilly took to X to shout out his fave LGBTQ+ actors and we're loving his list!

Zachary Quinto Gives Jacob Elordi A Ride In New Trailer–And We Wanna Join​

The trailer for He Went That Way has us wanting to go wherever Jacob Elordi and Zachary Quinto are going.

Emma Roberts & Kim K Serve Arachnid Glam In 'AHS: Delicate Posters'

Here’s when season 12 will scuttle onto your screens.

Trekkie's Are Angry That Star Robert Beltran Supported *This* Tweet

The Star Trek actor also broke the SAG-AFTRA strike rules and then responded to a social media post about "real fans." Not cute.

Lukas Gage Modeled 'Down Low' Character After The Infamous Demon Twink

"I just remember filming and [the Demon Twink] was happening at the same time. I was like, ‘This was meant to be'" he said.

SXSW Viewers Love Lukas Gage And Zachary Quinto's Outrageous Gay Comedy

Promising reviews are coming out of the film festival for Down Low .