This Hilarious PSA Shows Why Bros Should Stop Calling Things 'Gay'

Taylor Henderson

Rainbow Youth, a New Zealand non-profit supporting young queer and gender diverse people, has released their first national ad campaign tackling the flippant use of the word gay. 

When a farmer drops his pie on the ground and dubs the situation "gay," his consort decides to step in. "Actually, Nigel, that’s not gay at all. It’s deeply disappointing, but it’s not gay."

Nigel looks dumbfounded, and his buddy adds, "Look bro, unless that pie is a man who loves another man, then it's not gay."

Piling on even more embarrassment, Nigel then learns a nearby coworker actually is gay then awkwardly realizes his faux pas. 

"If it's not gay, it's not gay," the ad concludes.

Rainbow Youth created the comical PSA to educate people on everyday discrimination. "We chose to address something small that contributes to much larger issues—homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia."

Watch the hilarious commercial below.

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