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American Idol Contestant Comes Out, Wows Judges With Original Song

'American Idol' Contestant Comes Out, Wows Judges With Original Song

'American Idol' Contestant Comes Out, Wows Judges With Original Song

This isn't quite what they expected.


American Idol always gives us at least a solid handful of hopefuls who move us and leave us rooting for them from day one, and if there are some changes to the ABC “reboot” of the show, that certainly isn’t one of them.

23-year-old Jorgie walked into the early auditions last night with a fluffy pink coat, bleached hair, and a Katy Perry impression that left all the judges laughing.

Most important to him up front was to let Perry know that he had only come out as gay recently, and growing up listening to her music had helped him become confident with that decision.

“Listening to ‘I Kissed a Girl’ and knowing that it could be mainstream, that helped me so much,” he said.

But, he admitted, while he was out to his friends and perhaps some of his family, he wasn’t out to his father yet.

“He doesn’t know anything about me,” Jorgie said when Katy asked if his dad even know he’s a singer. “He’s gonna see me and he’s gonna find out about everything.”

And if he has any common sense, he’ll be as impressed with how talented his son has turned out to be.

Jorgie’s band — Jorgie and the Jorgies, comprised of a piano player, a violinist, and Jorgie himself — played an original song Jorgie wrote himself called “Heaven.”

“I wrote this song about a guy that I liked, but he didn’t know ‘cause I wasn’t out. And it was just like, my life would be heave if you knew that I liked you,” he told the judges.

And then he blew everyone away with a song so opposing the flash image and the silly band name.

All three judges sent Jorgie through to Hollywood without debate, giving him more opportunities to wow the audience, impress his dad, and maybe even get the guy.


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