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5 Awesome Film/TV Dads Who Unconditionally Love Their Children

5 Awesome Film/TV Dads Who Unconditionally Love Their Children

Father's Day is just around the corner, and we're here to show some love and appreciation for some of the best dads in film and television. These daddies sure know how to love their children no matter who or what they are. They show it through honesty, acceptance, and the ways of "Hakuna Matata."

Burt Hummel, Glee

With his career as a mechanic and his oversized flannel shirts, Burt Hummel can be easily seen as a "manly" man who wouldn't hesitate to have drinks and talk about girls with his son. But when his son Kurt comes out to him after he tried to impress him by playing football, Burt tells him that he already knows it and surprisingly accepts Kurt's confession. Burt then becomes television's most beloved dad. He's also ready to throw a barrage of punches if some idiot insults his son.

Adam Braverman, Parenthood

Adam is overprotective of his older daughter, Haddie, especially when high school boys start to make their moves to woo her. Haddie, however, drops some exciting news when she returns home to visit her family with her girlfriend, Lauren. Raised by progressive parents and growing up in Berkeley, Calif., this is nothing new to Adam. He readily accepts her without skipping a heartbeat.

Hal Fields, Beginners

In this 2011 film which won Christopher Plummer his first Oscar, Hal Fields is the one who comes out to his adult son, Oliver. He's almost 80, gay, and ready to take the night away with his red paisley scarf. The confession may have made Oliver doubt the nature of love and relationship, but it sure did make him and Hal closer. Hal's bravery also inspired his son to not be afraid to take chances and be who you really are.

Jay Pritchett, Modern Family

The head of the Pritchett family is never really the soft-type, except for his French bulldog. It took him a long time to fully accept his son Mitchell's true self. But when Mitchell and his partner, Cameron, revealed their adopted baby, Lily, Jay's whole perspective on things begin to change. Slowly but surely, he learns to open his mind and show his feelings along the way.

Timon and Pumbaa, The Lion King

Okay, well, this is an entirely different scenario. Nothing has been confirmed. Nothing has been said. But 21st century textual analysis suggests that Timon and Pumbaa are a perfect example of same-sex parenting of their adopted child, Simba. Doesn't matter if they're not really together, but the fact (that is, Disney-wise) that two male characters are able to raise a well-beloved and headstrong king surely debunks all the notions that gay parents wouldn't work. If The Lion King says so, who are we to say otherwise?

To all the dads, especially those who love their queer sons and daughters, Happy Fathers' Day!

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