Take a Look at the Amazing Activism from International Women's Day

Take a Look at the Impressive Activism from International Women's Day
Ian Martella

International Women's Day hosted impressive activism around the globe. Organizers from the International Women's Strike, the Women's March, which planned A Day Without a Woman, and many other affiliated activist groups held strikes for reproductive rights, the end to gender-based violence, labor rights, environmental justice, full social provisions like healthcare, unemployment benefits and social security benefits, as well as an end to anti-feminist politics and racist, imperialist politics.

In many parts of the world, including some parts of the US, it's still very dangerous for women to speak up and fight for their rights. We're absolutely in awe of the passion, dedication and courage of these protesters—check out some of the action below. 

The women of the Women's March gave impassioned and moving speeches, some of which were recorded and uploaded to Twitter.

Many of the Womens March organizers were arrested and detained in New York after blocking traffic in front of Trump Tower.

Teen Vogue ceased the production of their content in solidarity with the strike.

Communities all over the world banded together in the name of feminism. 

Activists marched in Ireland en-masse to repeal oppressive abortion legislation as a part of the Strike 4 Repeal movement, which aims to repeal the Eighth Amendment—Ireland's official pro-life legislation.

PRIDE applauds the activists who continue to fight for women, women of color, and intersectional feminist politics. The world is a better place because of you.

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