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If “cisgender” refers to someone whose gender identity matches up with the sex they were assigned at birth, then everyone else is trans. An incredibly diverse identity, trans not only encompasses trans men and trans women (who identify as the “opposite” gender), but also people who are gender-fluid, genderqueer, nonbinary, gender-variant, and more. The trans identity goes to show that gender is not just black and white, and that human complexity is far from binary. keeps you up-to-date on everything trans, from trending trans voices to news about trans communities.

'90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise' gay star Shawn Finch finds romance with trans girlfriend

The hairdresser is showing off his fascinating relationship on TLC's hit show.

21 Celebs Who Are Out & Proud of Their Trans & Nonbinary Kids

Grab the tissues because these quotes are going to give you all the feels.

Meet all 37 of the queer women in this season's WNBA

These players may just make the upcoming season the best yet!

Delusional JK Rowling vows not to forgive 'Harry Potter' stars for supporting trans youth

Does she ever talk about anything other than trans people?

WATCH: Gay state senator deliver an emotional response to bill targeting trans youth

The bill was up for consideration in Nebraska last week.

Jinkx Monsoon kisses Corbin Bleu, hangs with Patti LuPone, slays in 'Little Shop'

Jinkx Monsoon’s run in Little Shop of Horrors is being as iconic as we wanted it to be!

How TikTok helped me come out of my shell and into my identity as a trans woman

Jae Gurley shares her transformative journey on TikTok, from finding community and identity to embarking on a transition journey.

This iconic hardcore group once helped a trans friend pay for her surgery

Renewed attention is being drawn to Donna Lee Parsons' story online.

Companies are less likely to hire nonbinary job applicants using 'they' pronouns

A new report shows that job candidates who identify as nonbinary get fewer responses than their cisgender peers.

Dev Patel on how his revenge film 'Monkey Man' is also about India's trans community

The film is an "anthem for the underdog, voiceless and marginalized," Patel said.

Martina Navratilova calls out Caitlyn Jenner's hypocrisy on trans rights and we're FLOORED

For once the tennis pro is on the right side of history!

Daisy Taylor REACTS to being named the top trans adult entertainer

The model has quickly risen in popularity and has rightfully earned the title of this week's Woman Crush Wednesday.

5 ways the 'Cuckoo' trailer has already scared the living daylights out of us

Are we even as ready for this as we think we are?!

32 pics of trans folx radiating JOY while getting gender affirming haircuts

Autonomy Salon & Wellness in Richmond, VA held a fundraiser for TDOV and the clients were all smiles!

Conservatives MERCILESSLY schooled over false claims Trans Day of Visibility co-opted Easter

The religious right had a meltdown over the coincidental timing. Mary, that's just how the calendar works.

Jinkx Monsoon updates fans on her chosen name & now we're crying

The Doctor Who actress and two-time Drag Race winner shared a major update regarding her gender journey.

15 trans pioneers who made a difference in their 20s

There are so many amazing young trans people who fight for equality!

Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan share exciting IVF update: 'IM PREGNANT'

The influencer couple got engaged last spring.

Trans adult star Daisy Taylor reveals how her work opens hearts & minds — even of conservatives

The adult entertainer has skyrocketed to high levels of success and is using her visibility to make a difference.

10 uplifting trans films to celebrate Trans Visibility Day & where to stream them

From love stories to vampy teens, these films celebrate trans joy.