Billboard Named Ariana Grande the 'Gay Icon of Her Generation' and People Are...Confused?

Taylor Henderson

Earlier this week, music mogul Billboard Magazine published an article titled "8 Reasons Ariana Grande Is the Gay Icon of Her Generation" and received mixed reactions from queer online fans.

The pop princess is an outspoken ally for the LGBT community, and many of her songs have been hailed as gay anthems. Billboard's reasons for Grande's icon status include her "Break Free" music video, her love for her gay brother Frankie Grande, and her 2015 performance at New York City Pride.

All of those things are awesome, and I'm the first one to go off in the club when "Into You" comes on, but does allyship merit icon status? Gay icons over the years have included the likes of Celine Dion to Cher, Whitney Houston to Lady Gaga (who's backtracked on her bisexuality), but isn't it time for a self-identifying queer person to take the title? 

Twitter users had many strong opinions and went back and forth in the comments:







But here's the real question of the hour...if the gays love Ariana so much, why did y'all let "Be Alright" flop?

Is Ariana Grande the gay icon of our generation? Who should it be instead? 

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