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This Magical Queer Music Video Will Make Your Day

A new music video from our favorite pansexual filmmaker shows how we are all connected. 

This Music Video Will Make All Your Queer '90s Dreams Come True

The visuals for Maddie Ross' new track "Liv Tyler" take a queer look at classic teen TV shows.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Star Stephanie Beatriz Is the Bi Icon TV Needs

The bisexual actress talks coming out, playing a bi character, cancellation, support from queer fans, and being on a new network! 

Trans Chorus of LA Members on the Importance of Sharing Your Voice

"Being able to reach out and touch an audience, maybe many of whom have never knowingly seen or met a trans person in their lives, was humbling."

These 40 Celebrities Came Out in 2018

A bunch of notable people in entertainment, fashion, sports, and culture busted open the closet door in 20gayteen!

This Lesbian Songstress Will Melt Your Heart

Katey Brooks has us in a trance—and we love it. 

Noah Slee's New Queer Dance Film Is an Ode to the LGBT Community

Step into an otherworldly dance experience.

Watch the Video for Felix and the Future's 'A Voice from the Future'

"I, Felix and the Future, am actively embracing my own evolution even if it means not recognizing my own face in the mirror."

This Bisexual Poetry Book Is Everything You Want to Say to Your Ex

The new poetry book from Nicolette Daskalakis promises an incredibly relatable read. 

Lucy & La Mer's Newest Video Shows the Struggles of Bisexual Dating

This is bisexual Tinder life. 

We're So Ready for Cher's New ABBA Cover Album

The Mamma Mia 2 actress blessed us with 40 second teaser of perfection. 

This Magical Short Film About Queer Female Desire Will Make Your Day

A film from a pansexual female filmmaker with a queer female lead? Yes please!

This Animated Short Aims to Rehumanize the Experiences of Immigrants

Caracol Cruzando, directed by a queer woman of color, uses animation to tell a story with roots in the filmmaker's life.

'The Carmilla Movie' Is the Lesbian Vampire Film We've Always Wanted

That feeling when being a vampire is impacting your date night...

Dating When You're Queer & Fat Is Like Navigating Through a Minefield

Queer actor, writer, and organizer Provvidenza Catalano discusses dating, fatphobia, and how fashion is anything but frivolous. 

The Inclusive Creation of Jamila Woods's Latest Music Video

Chicago Public Schools students wrote and directed the intersectional music video for Jamila Woods's song "LSD," featuring Chance the Rapper.

Watch the Premiere of 'Amigas With Benefits'

See the digital premiere of this age-defying Latinx comedy, part of the PBS Online Film Festival.

My Date With a Log Cabin Republican

In a new sketch video from Chris Bryant and Ryan Leslie Fisher, comedian Nik Dodani goes on a date with a gay man who voted for "our president."

What's It Like to Play a Queer Power Ranger? Becky G Knows

The actress and singer feels it's an "honor" to play the Yellow Ranger.

Toweling Off by the Lake in 'Departure'

Alex Lawther from 2014's Imitation Game, brings us an exclusive clip from his new film Departure, where he explores his desires with a local tough boy.