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This Magical Queer Music Video Will Make Your Day

This Magical Queer Music Video Will Make Your Day

This Magical Queer Music Video Will Make Your Day

A new music video from our favorite pansexual filmmaker shows how we are all connected. 


Rising filmmaking star Kira Bursky, who is pansexual, has blessed us with another beautiful, queer music video for E.W. Harris's "ReEntry."

The visuals tell the story of Lara, whose secret lover plunges from a waterfall to her death. In this exact moment a photographer captures the image of her midair, which sparks a sequence making us think that what happened is just one potential timeline. The mysterious and alluring music video explores how all souls are interconnected and a single choice can change everything.

We asked Kira about the process and how her identity influences her work. 

"For the past 10 years of my life I've been on a spiritual journey," she said. "At first I didn't really know it was 'spiritual,' but in time that became evident. My teenage depression pushed me into a quest to figure out how to find balance and contentment within my own mind and life. I'm still on that same quest today, and I thank the universe for it. 

"Countless books, podcasts, conversations and movies later, I've found that my soul's deep passion is in the metaphysical world — in the magical and infinite world of the unknown. Currently I'm diving into the crossover of science and spirituality. I never expected that ... but here I am now super jazzed about quantum physics. I didn't realize that there were people out there tangibly researching the theories that my subconscious daydreamed about daily ... theories of infinite timelines and infinite connections amongst us all. It's all so beautiful ... just typing about it brings me a sense of warmth and wonder. For those of you who doubt the realness of magic, I urge you to jump into the rabbit hole for yourself — you won't be disappointed.

"The more I deepen my spirituality, the less I feel tied to words and labels. I feel fluid. Every moment and every connection changes me. To be in the now is to be in the infinity. We are all forever-changing beings. I feel a deep love when I give myself permission to be more than a labeled sexuality, gender, or identity. I am a lover of souls, exploration, change, curiosity, deep connection ... to label, for me, is to stunt the natural evolution of the magic yet to come. 

"These are some of the thoughts and feelings that inspired the music video for 'ReEntry.' The lyrics itself evoke the metaphysical: the leaving and entering of souls into bodies. As I listened to the song over and over again, I let the characters and story unfold for me.

"When we get caught up in past perceptions of our identity (i.e.: I'm straight, I'm female, I'm not good enough, I do everything wrong, etc), we replay these perceptions unconsciously, never allowing ourselves to experience a new potential path. When we finally set our truths free and take the plunge into the unknown, the beautiful and loving path of intuition emerges. 

"In the story there is one timeline where Lara resists her desire to be with Annie, the one she loves. She denies herself full expression, as based off of ideas of who she thinks she is 'supposed to be.' A ripple effect occurs: Annie falls to her death, and Charlie, a photographer, bears the burden of witnessing the event while Lara has to deal with the aftermath of a new world without Annie. 

"During the sequence at the fire, Charlie burns the photographs, symbolizing letting go of the past memories and perceptions. To truly let go of the past, the mind and body must finally accept and process the stuck emotions. As each individual screams out at the fire, they finally release their suppressed emotions. This allows their soul to transcend to a place of freedom, as symbolized through the underwater scene.

"This sequence of trauma, emotional release, and transcendence may be a momentary contemplation taking place at the start of the video for Lara: Should she go with Annie? A different timeline emerges: Lara goes with Annie, causing a new ripple effect of love and freedom.

"All you souls out there reading this: Whoever you are, whoever you've been, whoever you may one day be, give yourself permission right now to love, emote, explore and change. Life is one big infinite adventure."

Watch the music video for "ReEntry" below and see more of Kira's work on YouTube!

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