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15 Of The Most Memorable & Inspiring Coming Out Videos Ever

These emotional coming out vids are giving us all the feels.

I Got Suspended for Not Joining the Football Team

"You can either start living your life how you want now, or be pushed around and controlled by other’s opinions, forever."

A Gay Man’s Guide to Sugar Daddies

You may meet more than one kind of Sugar Daddy in your lifetime...

12 TV Bromances from the '90s That Still Make Our Hearts Swoon

Nothing compares to '90s television, and nothing will ever top these on-screen bromances!

12 Femme and Gender Non-Conforming Legends

12 Femme and Gender Non-Conforming Legends

12 LGBT Icons and What Made Them Icons

For better or worse.

12 Pride Films on Netflix

What better way to celebrate Pride month? 

9 Affirmations That Will Help Encourage Your Queer Soul

Affirmations can boost your spirit to new levels, while also keeping yourself on track with your goals for the day.

6 Reasons It's Important to Have LGBT Characters on Children's TV Shows

The more representation, the better!

Black, Gay Christians Do Exist, and It's Time You Hear Us

"... it is our obligation to accept, love, and lift up those who cross our paths, regardless of understanding."