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Cherry Bomb Episode 422: Best Sex - Video

In the final episode of Season 4 the Cherry Bomb girls dive into the topic of their best sex ever. The girls are joined by friend and fellow talk show host Cindy Abril of “I’m Just Sayin’” to decide what makes it your best sex ever?  Is there a technical best, most in love best, craziest situation sex? What do you say if your partner asks if they’re your best sex ever? And in our surprise question of the week Gloria has some pretty strong feelings about whether it’s ok to go down on your girlfriend while she’s sleeping.

Cherry Bomb Episode 421: When Love Hurts

This week on Cherry Bomb the ladies welcome Roberta Munroe director of the short film Dani and Alice which takes a look into domestic violence in a lesbian relationship. What do you do if you find yourself in a violent relationship? Does the lesbian community have more of a tolerance for 'crazy'? What's the line and how do you stop the cycle? And in place of our question of the week we provide some resources for you to deal with violence in your relationship or how to find help for a friend who may need it.

Cherry Bomb Episode 420: Girl Time: Video

This week on Cherry Bomb the girls are joined by the fabulous comedian Dana Goldberg from LOGO’s ‘One Night Stand Up’ to talk about Girl Time, separating your friends and your girlfriend.When your girlfriend wants to come along and you just want to hang with your friends. What if your partner wants more time with friends than you, does it mean anything in the relationship? And this week’s surprise question comes from one of our Canadian viewers who is young at heart and ready to jump back into the scene.

Cherry Bomb Episode 419: Relationship Status, Video

This week on Cherry Bomb the ladies welcome Nicol Paone, fabulous comedian from The Big Gay Sketch Show to talk about your relationship status.  Does it matter if your other half doesn’t change their status online – ie FB?  Do you judge other people’s relationships from looking at their profiles?   Should your relationship be out for public consumption?  And in this week’s surprise question, how do you deal with your girlfriend constantly bringing up her ex?

Cherry Bomb Episode 418: Wedded Bliss - Video

This week on Cherry Bomb the ladies welcome Ashleigh Sumner, star of the hit film “And Then Came Lola” to talk about Lesbian Weddings.  Are there two bridezilla’s to deal with?  What are the family dramas, what do you wear, who proposes, what kind of wedding to you want even if it may not be legally recognized... Yet?  And in this week’s surprise question, do you ever really need a threesome?

Cherry Bomb Episode 417: Can't Say Goodbye - Video

On this week’s episode of Cherry Bomb, why do we stay when we really need to go? We welcome Michelle Paradise, star of Exes and Ohs, to the couch to discuss when you know it’s over but you don’t want to be the one to say it. Do you subconsciously do something to muck it up? And in this week’s surprise question, one of our Twitter followers asks how to find the scene when traveling abroad. Special Note: Nikki will be off the next few episodes training for Queens of the World so we’ll have a different guest sitting in each week.

Cherry Bomb Episode 416: Time to End It? Video

This week, the Cherry Bomb ladies take on telling your friend it's time to break up and move on from their partner. Is it your responsibility?  What happens if they get back together, and you're the bad guy? How can you be a good friend without blowing a friendship. Do you just watch it happen and not get involved or should you jump in and say something.  Do they just need to see it for themselves? And in The Question of the Week: What do you do when someone refuses to be broken up with?  Ahhh lesbians!

Cherry Bomb Episode 415: Sex Toys 101

The Ladies of Cherry Bomb are back with their favorite Sexpert Sarah Tomchesson from L.A.'s premiere sex toy spot, The Pleasure Chest. The ladies get into the nitty gritty of how to strap it on and to accentuate bedroom play with various toys. From how to find the right strap for you to introducing any new toy in between the sheets this is a must-see episode!

Cherry Bomb Episode 414 'Secrets - Part 2' Video

In part two of Secrets, the ladies of Cherry Bomb discuss telling your partner everything and we mean Everything from childhood to last week! When your best friend shares gossip with you do you share it with your partner? And in this week's question of the week, is it a good idea to get serious with someone coming out of a 10 year relationship or should you protect yourself and just have fun even if you're clicking?

Cherry Bomb Episode 413 Video: Keeping Secrets

This week on'Cherry Bomb,' our very own lesbian 'The View,' it's the first of a two-part series on 'Keeping Secrets.' Does keeping secrets hurt your relationship or are there things from your past that should stay buried?  What if your partner asks you a direct question?  Do you tell them the truth or keep your secret hoping it will never come out?  And in this week's question how do you deal with a betrayal by your best friend?

Cherry Bomb Episode 412 Video: Workaholics and Work Place Love Affairs

This week on Cherry Bomb the ladies get into a heated debate about dealing with a partner who works 24/7.  Are you working for mutual goals and financial success to the detriment of your relationship?  And the work place love affair... do you fall for someone at work just because they're there, is it them or just proximity and ease of a stockroom hookup?  And in this week's question, a viewer asks why lesbians have a tendency to stab each other in the back? 

Cherry Bomb Episode 411: Retro CB with Cathy DeBuono - 'The One'

In this week's retro Cherry Bomb the ladies welcome Cathy DeBuono to the couches to delve into ‘The One'. We've added a little behind the scenes footage to this episode so check it out! Is there such a thing as the One or are they the One for right now? How do you know if your partner is the One? In this week's surprise question, how to discuss being bi with your family.

Cherry Bomb Episode 410: Retro CB with Jill Bennett - Living with Your Ex Video

This week on Cherry Bomb, in a retro episode, the ladies welcome Jill Bennett to the couches to discuss living with your ex. There are situations either financial, circumstantial or just a housing shortage that make you stick around after a breakup. Jill’s advice to avoid this issue - don’t live with your girlfriend, at least not right away. And in this week’s question telling your family you’ve transitioned from Bi to Lesbian.

Cherry Bomb Episode 409: In Love with Two People at Once? - Video

In this episode of Cherry Bomb the ladies are in front of a live audience at Dinah Shore! Have you ever been in love with two people at the same time?  And does this cause turmoil in your life if you’re honest with all parties involved?  Would you actually tell the two people that you’re in love with them both? And in this week’s question: Rebounding -  is it a good idea to jump right out of a long term relationship into another one OR should you take some time to date, have lots of sex, take care of yourself and get your head ready for the next girl?

Cherry Bomb Episode 408: Future Talk - Video

The ladies of Cherry Bomb welcome one of the lovely star of web series "The Lovers and Friends Show," Nicole Pina to discuss the scary "Future Talk". When do you bring up the future? How soon is too soon to talk babies, marriage and being together forever? Should you try to change your partner's mind if you're on two different paths? And in this week's surprise question taped poolside from Dinah Shore... do you bring a new lesbian lover to Dinah or leave her at home to keep your options open?

Cherry Bomb Episode 407: How Gay are You? Live at The Dinah Video!

Live from Dinah Shore the ladies discuss how Gay are You? There's the Kinsey scale of 0-6 and everything in between, where do the ladies fall? What if you don't look the part, do you feel the need to announce your gayness? And in a question from our audience, a newly out lesbian gets some advice on how to make the switch from dating guys to girls.

Cherry Bomb Episode 406, Masturbating Magic: Video

This week on Cherry Bomb the ladies examine an interesting theory, how to use masturbation to create what you want in the world? Where did this theory come from of manifesting what you want through your clit? What about the tape you play in your own head, how do you get it to work FOR you rather than AGAINST you? And in this week's surprise viewer question, can you compromise when you are monogamous and your girlfriend wants to keep things loose?

Cherry Bomb, Episode 405, Sticky Topics: Video

This week on Cherry Bomb, the ladies tackle speaking up about uncomfortable topics in your relationship.  From obesity, to drinking, to sex and how to fix it.  Should you tell your friend the truth when she doesn't feel the need to be cute anymore?  What if your girlfriend feels like her appearance isn't important anymore?  And in this week's question, how would you react when your friend gives you a strange gift of an... 'intimate nature'?

'Cherry Bomb' Episode 404: Outing - Billie Myers Guests

This week, 'Cherry Bomb' episode 404: Outing. The ladies of Cherry Bomb welcome singer/songwriter Billie Myers to the couch to tackling the sticky topic of OUTing. The big public show of coming out, aren't you just considered ‘Out' if you're going out in public with your partner and living your life like any other couple? The girls talk about easing your way back into the scene after a breakup.

Cherry Bomb Episode 403, Video: Biscuits to the Bedroom

This week, Cherry Bomb episode 403: Biscuits to the Bedrooom: What are you bringing into the relationship, what will you give from hidden talents to bedroom prowess? We always worry about what a partner will bring, but the ladies tackle the need to turn a mirror on ourselves. Believing in your self-worth what do you deserve... And the question of the week: who are the ladies secret celebrity crushes boys and girls