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Admit it. You're totally addicted to the HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones. Who isn't these days? It's seriously one of the best shows ever, and Pride has got the full scoop on anything and everything having to do with Game of Thrones. Whether you are obsessed with Jon Snow's long hair and rugged physique or you find yourself wanting to be just as badass as Daenerys, Pride has got a story that will satisfy the GOT fangirl in you.

Jonathan Van Ness Met Sophie Turner and It Was Too Pure for This World

The Gay of Thrones host meets the Queen in the North.

10 queer couples in nerdom we will always love

These superpowered, intergalactic, magical queer couples are here to save the day!

'Queer Eye's' Fab Five Join Forces for the Final 'Gay of Thrones'

We can't believe it's over!!

Maisie Williams Is Sashaying Her Way to 'Drag Race UK' Judges Table

Arya Stark?! On Drag Race?! This is the ultimate collision of two awesome fandoms!!

'Game of Thrones' Fans Aren't Happy With How Daenerys' Story Ends

Dany's fate left a bad taste in the mouths of many loyal GoT fans.

Jonathan Van Ness Taught Tiffany Haddish How to Douche & I'm Crying

This week's Gay of Thrones is a doozy. 

Cersei & Dany Stans Had Tons to Say About That Insane 'GoT' Episode

"The Bells" has become one of the most divisive episodes in Game of Thrones' entire eight-season run.

Jessica Chastain Calls Out Controversial 'Game of Thrones' Sansa Scene

"A woman doesn’t need to be victimized in order to become a butterfly," the Oscar nominee and Dark Phoenix star tweeted.

How the Internet Reacted to Last Night's 'GoT' Twists & Turns

Death, betrayal, and overpriced coffee all claimed victims on the most recent episode of the HBO fantasy series.

Gabrielle Union Recaps 'Game of Thrones' on JVN's 'Gay of Thrones'

"I need to take out my earrings to fight somebody about this."

Some 'Game of Thrones' Fans Are Calling Arya Stark a Mary Sue

Really?? Of all the characters to pick from, Arya is accused of being a Mary Sue???

'Game of Thrones' Fans Are Still Convinced Arya Stark Is a Lesbian

Viewers shared their thoughts on that Arya and Gendry love scene...

What TV Shows Are LGBTQ People Watching?

Nielsen now reports what shows same-gender homes are watching, and the answer might surprise you.

'GoT' Fans Had Hilarious Reactions to the First Episode of Season 8

Someone get Cersei her elephants!

Wanna See Jon Snow Do Burlesque?

Kit Harington did a burlesque routine on Saturday Night Live and we have no words...

Sophie Turner on Her Sexuality: 'I Love a Soul, Not a Gender'

"Everyone experiments," the Game of Thrones and Dark Phoenix actress told Rolling Stone. "It’s part of growing up."

What If LGBT Icons Had Their Own 'Game of Thrones' Houses?

Which one would you belong to??

Hodor Is Willing to Run for Office to Fight for Same-Sex Marriage

The Game of Thrones actor definitely has our vote!