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Troye Sivan's Sexy New Single 'Got Me Started' Just Dropped!

Check out the brand new, super gay pop song from the out singer-songwriter.

Troye Sivan Took A Hit Of Poppers On Set For His New Album​

The singer certainly felt the "rush" while making this record.

Troye Sivan Shares The Dating App 'Red Flag' That Makes Him Nervous

Hoping to match with the "Rush" singer on Hinge? Here's what not to do!

'The Idol' Officially Canceled After One Season

After some harsh critiques, HBO is pulling the plug on the provocative show.

Troye Sivan On How A Hook Up Changed His Perspective On Intimacy

And influenced his upcoming third studio album.

JHart Talks Working With Troye Sivan & Upcoming Debut EP

The hitmaker is ready to take the spotlight with his own body of work.

Troye Sivan Says His PrEP & Fiber Pills Keep Him Gay

But what's that white one...

Twinks Rejoice! We Might Have a New Troye Sivan Album Soon​

The pop star shared that a new era is in the works...

15 of Pop Music's Best Queer Duets, Ever

Two really can be better than one.

See Troye Sivan's 'Racy' Video That Got Removed From TikTok

It's not what you think.

Troye Sivan Is Back With New Music! Listen to a Preview Here

A dancey collab with PNAU is on the way!

Watch: The Idol Teaser Trailer Is Here & We’re Already Gagging

The latest series from the creator of Euphoria features plenty of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll — also Troye Sivan and a ton of abs.

‘Three Months’ Is an HIV Movie Filled With Hope Rather Than Despair

Troye Sivan's latest coming-of-age film shows where we are today with HIV.

Troye Sivan Loved Cracking Taylor Swift Jokes in YA Film Three Months

We're still laughing at that fake song title. 

Watch the Trailer for Troye Sivan’s New Gay YA Film ‘Three Months'

Here's where and when you can watch the upcoming film!

Troye Sivan Plays a Teen Juggling Love With an HIV Scare in New Movie

Here's everything to know about Three Months.

Troye Sivan Is the Newest Face of Ivy Park

Sivan dons the Valentine's Day collection in new photos.

Watch Troye Sivan’s Concert Get Shut Down Mid-Song

Talk about awkward...