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'Here Come the Brides!' Book Excerpt: Gloria Bigelow's Another Word for Marriage

Here Come the Brides! is a new book edited by Audrey Bilger and Michele Kort, and published by Seal Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group. Check out comedian and Cherry Bomb co-host Gloria Bigelow's essay from the book here:

'I Celebrate' Pride 2010

Stand-up comic and Cherry Bomb-er Gloria Bigelow takes a moment from out from hilarity to celebrate reasons to have Pride this year including for William Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Audre Lourde, GLAAD, GLSEN and more.

Avoiding the Big 'O'

Stand-up comic and Cherry Bomb cohost Gloria Bigelow bemoans the state of the lesbian urge to merge that often manifests in blowing off friends, wearing each other's clothes and generally ducking out on the rest of the world.

365 Days of Sex

Stand-up comic, Cherry Bomb co-host and keen observer of lesbian culture Gloria Bigelow ponders the ups and downs of 365 consecutive days of sex. Is there such thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to sex?

Extolling the Virtues of Outta Town Ass

Stand-up comic and excavator of lesbian culture gems, Gloria Bigelow, extols the virtues of outta town ass!

The Three Top Un-Datable Dyke Types

Stand-up comic and Cherry Bomb co-host Gloria Bigelow helps SheWired readers identify the top undatable dyke types.

Can I Get a Witness!?! Lesbians and the Forever Thing...

Stand-up comic and Cherry Bomb costar Gloria Bigelow debates the big lesbian question. Is there really such thing as forever? And if so, is it for her?

A Gay Dream

Stand up comic and lesbian blogger Gloria Bigelow is back from the National Equality March and the benchmark HRC dinner where President Obama addressed hopeful gays and lesbians ranging from same-sex marriage to 'don't ask, don't tell.' And she's got a gay dream to tell you about. Let's just say that it involves George W. Bush, Diana Ross and Lady Gaga.

Can You Teach an Old Dyke?

Stand up comic and Cherry Bomb-er Gloria Bigelow muses about the end of lesbian relationships. "Do you know why your last relationship ended? Oh of course, we like to do the very familiar.  We weren't compatible, we just stopped having sex, she felt more like a friend than a lover or my all-encompassing favorite: she never cleaned up the cat litter i.e. she's selfish and doesn't love me enough to pick up the shit!"

Standard Lesbian Practice #93-Pickin' the Dildo

Stand-up comic and Cherry Bomb cohost Gloria Bigelow develops her theory for Standard Lesbian Practice # 93. It's fairly simple when it comes to which one in the lesbian relationship chooses the size of the dildo. 'The one who feels it inside -- is the one who decides!'

Waving the Bi-Pride Flag!

Stand-up comic, Cherry Bomb costar and chronicler of all things humorous and true about the lesbian, bisexual, gay and trans community, Gloria Biglelow, reflects on waving her flag for bisexual pride.

Can Bed a Friend Without Ending the Friendship?

Stand-up comic and observer of lesbian life, Gloria Bigelow, ponders the ins and outs of friends having sex with friends. 'Real friends are hard to find, while hook-ups seem a dime a dozen. At any given lezzie bar in America you can find two women hooking up in a bathroom stall.'

No Special Effects: When the Girlfriend Won't Go Down

Stand-up comic and Cherry Bomb star Gloria Bigelow always has something witty to say. But when a lesbian friend asks what to do when her girlfriend won't go down on her, Gloria's stumped.

Love at First Sight

Out lesbian stand-up comic and blogger Gloria Bigelow questions her ability to fall in love at first sight, with something other than a pair of Manohla Blahniks. 'As I heard two tales of Lesbian Love at first sight in two days I couldn't help but question my own vision. Have I been blind all of these years -- I mean it's never happened to me?'

Dyke Drama Debacle

Stand-up comic Gloria Bigelow takes a stand against nasty dyke drama. Yep, that's right, the kind of lesbian drama that has one girl sleeping with someone else's girl and causing a big ole mess.

Can you Love Someone For Their Basics?

Stand-up comic Gloria Bigelow ponders one of Oprah's truths, that people are the same now as they were at age six. From the six-year-old budding lesbian to the adult lesbian, there's still shit to pick up off the floor, although the shit has changed, the person leaving it there hasn't.

The Dyke That Stole Valentine's Day

Stand-up comic Gloria Bigelow 'Doesn't do Valentine's Day," to the chagrin of one of her hopeless romantic friends. But a pre-Valentine's trip to a Duane Read, some very hetero-oriented greeting cards and Beatles' singing Valentine's doll later, and Gloria just might be softening her position.

The Underestimation of Obama

As we become a nation led by President Obama, I contemplate the dignity that comes with recognition and the importance of role models.  If happy brown heads could move me toward non-premenstrual verklempting, imagine what could be next.

Pudding Pop Girl Goes to Inauguration

D.C. lover that I am, I was reluctant to go to the inaugural activities. Why the hell would I want to be a part of a jumbled mess of cold masses? ...After the jeers for President Bush and the Cheers for Obama, I looked down at my watch it was 12:06 and we had a new president. I got a little misty and began to cry

The Bible &�I Got A Stylish Bible Ya�ll

Out lesbian stand-up comic Gloria Bigelow is entering the new year armed with her sleek, stylish 'Ultra Slim' Bible. So stand back! She'll be ready to go verse to verse with anti-gay Christian Conservatives in no time!