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5 Lies from the Faking It 2B Premiere

Amy is living secret free, at least for this episode!

10 Times Faking It was the Most Real Show on TV

The MTV show that began with the preposterous premise of BFFs pretending to be girlfriends to be popular has become a truly heartstring tugging half hour of realness every episode.

8 Reasons Sense8's Queer Women Make the Perfect Couple

Real love in the hands of the Wachowskis.

The Nicole Kidman/Naomi Watts Kiss We Never Knew We Needed

When a kiss between friends is about facing one's fears...

WATCH: Supernatural Lesbian Web Series Carmilla Returns

This will help with OITNB withdrawals.

Top 10 Steamiest Bisexual and Lesbian Sex Scenes on Lost Girl

We're 'Bo'-wled over by how sexy these scenes are.

RECAP: Lost Girl- Wedding from (Val)Hell(a)

Time to get into the Lost Girl's 5th and final season!

Lost Girl Recap 4.13 - Dark Horse

It's tough to say farewell to another season of Lost Girl, but at least it got renewed!

Lost Girl Recap 4.12: Prophecies, Parentage and a Pyrippus

Lost Girls 4th season is nearing an end! What are we going to do?

Lost Girl Recap 4.11- Dead and Deader

Get ready for some succubus shenanigans!

Lost Girl Recap 4.10 - H20: Just Add Doctor 

Keep up with your favorite bisexual succubus here!

Lost Girl Recap 4.8 - Groundhog Fae 

I hope so because Groundhog Fae delivered all the fun and adventure we've come to expect from this show, by which I mean it was silly, sexy and adorable in equal parts.

Lost Girl Recap 4.7 -  Faeception

Every article should start with a naked Zoie Palmer!

Lost Girl Recap 4.6 - Death Arias and Dark Alliances 

We were on a break at the holidays so we're just catching up with Lost Girl -- and you can too!

Lost Girl Recap 4.5 - Hands Off to the Dark

Catch up with our favorite bisexual succubus here!

Lost Girl Recap 4.4 - Turn to Stone!

Lost Girl

Lost Girl Recap 4.3 - Suck, Blow, and Jump! 

If you were busy with the holiday week like we at SheWired here, here's Bo totally doing her thing!