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Top 10 Fae-vorite Lost Girl-on-Girl Sex Scenes

Top 10 Steamiest Bisexual and Lesbian Sex Scenes on Lost Girl

Top 10 Steamiest Bisexual and Lesbian Sex Scenes on Lost Girl

We're 'Bo'-wled over by how sexy these scenes are.

As the final episodes of Canadian succubus drama Lost Girl draw near, we're taking some time to reflect on the things we love about this show. The strong female characters. The friendships. The monsters. The leather. And what else? Oh yes, the sex. Rarely do we see a female protagonist with Bo's sexual empowerment, through which she actually gains power and sustains her life. We could write an essay on what Lost Girl says about gender, sexuality and leadership, but why would we when we can list our top ten scorching girl-on-girl sex scenes from the last five years? If we missed your faves let us know in the comments!

10. 50 Shades of Evony

Bo is always up for a challenge and she hates to lose. So what better way to spend some time than seducing the leader of the dark fae and leaving her literally hanging? Who can blame Evony for falling under the spell of a lingerie-clad succubus?

9. Ryan brings home a tasty snack

Bo's foray into dating dark may have been short-lived but Ryan's rule-free approach to dating had its charms. Among them, a visit from a sexy restaurant hostess he'd seen Bo make eyes at.

8. Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi

Remember that time Bo went into a coma to relive Dyson's history and overturn his impending execution? The details may be sketchy, but who could forget Bo playing the role of Dyson and the supporting cast as those he knew? Most importantly of course, was Lauren as a French cabaret star. This weird little episode got a little inventive when Bo looked in the mirror mid-coitus to see Dyson with Lauren in her place. While we found this somewhat alarming, Bo was all about the watching and this joy in her sexuality is part of what makes us love her.

7. Best. Birthday. Ever

The Valkubus ship hoisted its sails when Bo and Tamsin shared some unexpectedly hot kisses and a super sexy bath speech featuring way too much clothing. This season Tamsin answered the question "What do you get the succubus who has everything?" by offering cupcakes with a side of gift-wrapped Valkyrie and ruined all future birthday gifts for us.

6. Sex with Lauren can literally change a woman (or fae)

Lauren really came out of her lab coat and grew into a kickass hero in season 4. Possibly her ultimate achievement was rendering the leader of the dark fae completely human, and how did she do it? That's right, with sex. After hearing Evony's screams we might just consider this a totally fair trade. Don't judge us.

5. Bo and Lauren play doctor for the first time

From Lauren's entirely objective, professional medical examination of Bo in the series' first episode it was clear that the main science in this relationship was chemistry. We endured longing gazes and lingering touches while Lauren attempted to help Bo master her deadly sex skills so she could safely bed a human. Clearly a selfless endeavor for the good doctor. When Bo and Lauren finally took their relationship to the next level it was all kinds of sexy and infused with a sweetness that Bo's animalistic escapades with Dyson were lacking.

4. This will not help with daddy issues

When you're stranded in the underworld searching for your mystically evil father sometimes you just have to get it on with the actual goddess Persephone, right Bo? It may have turned out that Persephone was the tortured wife of big bad succu-daddy but that didn't stop either of these women from enjoying their brief time together. As an added bonus, back in the real world Lauren was making time with a poltergeist she suspected of being her one true fae, leading to a surreal pseudo-threesome.

3. Bo and Lauren do it on the reg

When Bo and Lauren decided to go steady we could almost have populated this list entirely with the ensuing sex scenes. And we might. It soon became clear that a human was no match for a succubus' sexual appetite but Lauren was eager to risk dehydration or worse satiating her woman. With all her doctor skills we don't know why Lauren was wasting time with sports drinks rather than hitting the intravenous fluids. Or heavy drugs. Maybe she just wasn't that committed to the relationship after all.

2. Undercover and under the covers

Season 4 saw Lauren masquerading as a simple waitress in a wig that itself may be a crime. Fortunately fellow waitress Crystal (Bomb Girls'  Ali Liebert, who played gay as Betty McRae) saw through the ginger bangs and was bountifully rewarded for it. Lauren demonstrated that being on the run is a great time to make every moment count by bringing beer, pizza, and a whole lot of sexy to Crystal's hotel room.

1. I'm a slave for you (but actually for the fae)

Bo and Lauren prepared for the doctor's return to indentured servitude and the possibility of never staring longingly at each other across a laboratory again, as any hot-blooded human and succubus would. Their night of passion is so steamy we almost forgave the amount of werewolf drama that came before it. We watched this one closely enough to spot a peek at Zoie Palmer's nipple pasties because Lauren would be disappointed if our examination of this scene was anything less than scientific. Bo tearing Lauren's clothes off might have turned us to mush but when she planted a loving kiss on the sleeping doctor's cheek afterwards we actually ceased to exist.

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