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5 Lies from Last Night's Faking It Premiere

5 Lies from the Faking It 2B Premiere

5 Lies from the Faking It 2B Premiere

Amy is living secret free, at least for this episode!

Faking It returned to our screens last night and deception is still the central attraction at Hester High. With Karma, Shane and the entire gang lying to themselves and their loved ones, this powder keg is set to explode in coming episodes. So who's faking it now?


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5. Lauren is completely over Theo



New class president Lauren isn't living up to her constituents expectations, refusing to inspire by talking about her betrayal by undercover cop Theo or her intersex status. Even worse: she's teaming up with the new militant principal to create a new, less progressive Hester.


4. New guy Felix is Karma's GBF and Life Coach



Nope, his family are renting Karma's parents' house while the family of broke hippies live out of their organic food van. That's not Felix's only secret though – his father is Hester's new dictator Principal Turner, who is so out of sync with the school that he doesn't even go by his first name.


3. Liam is loving the Skwerkle life



Okay, so Liam is only lying to the super-happy staff at his family's company Skwerkle, pretending he too is drinking the Kool-Aid. He does gain some sage, if overbearing relationship advice from his fellow after-school intern though, who seems to already have a better relationship with his perpetually disappointed father than he does.


2. Shane doesn't know who outed Duke



While their new public relationship status is working for Shane and professional MMA fighter Duke, the non-mystery of how Duke's sexuality became public still haunts him. Word of advice: secretly outing your public figure partner is NOT an ideal step in creating a stable, prosperous life together.


1. Karma is totally Cool



In the least convincing self deception since every new year's resolution ever, Karma assures the world that she is totally over Liam and Amy's hook up and that she and Liam are just “buddies” with physical privileges. Liam's multiple declarations of love fall on deaf ears (or Felix's ears in one instance) as Karma maintains their strictly casual, completely chill status as part of her transparently fabricated, totes carefree existence.


And one truth: Amy is living Label-free

Reamy is still on, despite Reagan's only appearance this week being in a cute couples selfie, but Amy declares to Felix that she has never labeled herself a lesbian. She continues to be unsure exactly where she fits in and as Rita Volk herself explained in this (link) pre-season interview, that's just fine.


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