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8 Reasons Sense8's Queer Women Make the Perfect Couple 

8 Reasons Sense8's Queer Women Make the Perfect Couple

8 Reasons Sense8's Queer Women Make the Perfect Couple

Real love in the hands of the Wachowskis.

Netflix has done the unthinkable: They made us care about a show with a digit in the title. We would overlook far worse for this adorable queer couple.

We're still trying to work out what exactly happened in Netflix Original Series Sense8 but with the creators of The Matrix and Babylon 5 at the helm we expected nothing less. One thing we're definitely sure of is our obsession with lesbian couple Nomi (Jamie Clayton) and Amanita (Freema Agyeman). If you haven't embraced this tripped out series yet, here are 8 great reasons to start!

8. They've Got Each Other's Backs

Is there anything sweeter or sexier than your girl standing up for you? If you weren't swooning at Amanita shutting down her friends when they dissed her girlfriend, your heart will surely break at Nomi's tear-soaked “nobody's ever defended me before.” Could this really be only the first episode? How do we care so much already?



7. They're Not Defined By Their Sexuality

This is a biracial, trans and lesbian couple. But this is not what their story is about. These facts are part of who Nomi and Amanita are, but it's not all they are. Nomi has transitioned and is living her life with the woman she loves. With Lana Wachowski, who is trans, serving as co-writer, director and creator of the series we knew this portrayal would be interesting. That still didn't always prepare us for the honesty of these characters amidst the intense science fiction premise of the show.



6. Amanita's Open-mindedness Knows No Bounds

The series focuses on a group of people (a 'sensate') across the world who come to share a consciousness and fight together to keep their kind alive. Some women might find seven other people in their girlfriend's head a tad crowded, or just downright unbelievable. Not Amanita. As she tells Nomi, “Impossibility is a kiss away from reality.” Amanita's support of Nomi is adorably unflappable despite the world of cray they found themselves in.



5. No Means No When Playing Doctor

Few acts exemplify love quite like rescuing your girlfriend from an unwanted lobotomy. Sure, Nomi's head friends helped too but we all know it takes a village to mount a rescue from ice pick wielding surgeons. The ice pick may not have actually been mentioned but we've seen Sucker Punch. We know how medicine works.



4. They Celebrate Pride in Style

Nomi has a ton of feelings about marching in Pride and they're not all positive. So in true hacktivist style, she posts an emotional blog giving Thomas Aquinas, her mother and those who promote hatred the finger before partying with the woman she loves. Before she has an inkling of her future, Nomi can already declare that “I am also a we” thanks to the community she belongs to. She never knew how true that would really become.



3. They're a Crime Fighting (and Committing) Dynamic Duo!

Learning that your girlfriend is a convicted hacker may seem a minor revelation when you've accepted her brain includes seven other people. It might be a good time to level up in the badass stakes though. Amanita is never one to turn down a challenge and shows off some skills with a sledgehammer and a crowbar. All learned from a book. Stay in school kids!



2. They Always Find Each Other

Whether it's the impossibility of their existence or their love, Nomanita know how lucky they are. Their initial connection may have been unlikely but now that they're together these ladies know they will always find their way back to each other. Say it with us: awww.



1. Working Out is Fun with Nomanita!

One of Sense8's most memorable scenes started as a multi-character workout montage. Care to guess which couple were pumping iron only euphemistically? An intimate moment between Nomi and Amanita becomes a tangle of genders, races, sexualities and limbs as the whole sensate team join in the action. As the saying goes: two's a party, nine's a Wachowski series.


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