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10 Times Faking It was the Most Real Show on TV

10 Times Faking It was the Most Real Show on TV

10 Times Faking It was the Most Real Show on TV

The MTV show that began with the preposterous premise of BFFs pretending to be girlfriends to be popular has become a truly heartstring tugging half hour of realness every episode.

Let's be honest: when we heard the premise for MTV's Faking It we were more than a little dubious. Basing a series on two BFFs in a pretend lesbian relationship to gain popularity seemed a bold, absurd and potentially disastrous prospect. But we were willing to give it a go. If Teen Wolf can tastefully integrate gay characters into its band of shirtless adolescent lupines maybe MTV could pull this off too. In short, we had both hopes and fears.

The first episode of Faking It was a little rough. We were introduced to stereotypical characters and OTT situations. Then something happened. There was a moment that rang true. As the series progressed these moments of truth amidst the madness became regular occurrences and we became increasingly delighted to admit we were wrong. Faking It somehow manages to leap between preposterous encounters and heartbreakingly real human emotions. Much of the credit goes to Rita Volk and her subtle, yet fittingly comedic, portrayal of teenager Amy struggling with confusion about her sexuality. It wasn't long before we started looking forward to seeing what not just Amy but Karma, Shane and the entire gang of misfit Texans would get up to each week. Before we knew it, Faking It was both a staple of our television diet and a sugary treat we couldn't live without.

Faking It returns next week and we can't wait to see what's in store. Will Karmy make a comeback or is Reamy here to stay? To prepare, check out our rundown of the most real moments of Faking It so far!


1: Amy and Karma's First Kiss



Don't you hate when you kiss your best friend to avoid being outed as a fake couple and realize that maybe your feelings aren't so fake after all? Amy's true lust, shock and horror in these few seconds both transported us back to our own high school awkwardness and kept us coming back for more of this series. The realness of this moment recurs with almost every Karmy smooch session, each an exquisite exercise in torture for Amy.


2: Karma comforts Amy after a disastrous family moment



With all the relationship drama, it can be easy to forget why these two are even best friends. But when Amy ruins her mother's bridal shower, Karma's support and charm provides insight into their connection that is not always clear.



3: The Threesome that became a None-some



What's more real than panic in the face of uncomfortable sexual situations? Sure, they might not always involve sexy lingerie and two other people but perhaps, just sometimes, they do. Amy's monologue at the top of the following episode about how Karma is both perfect and clearly into her takes it to an even more intense level of tragedy.


4: Amy Confesses her Feelings to Karma



Karma's recognition of Amy's true feelings and her subsequent rejection are devastating in a way we never expected from a show as light as this.



5: Lauren's Intersex Reveal



Only in Faking It could the blackmail-enabling photo shoot of a high school jock in bondage attire (surrounded by sex toys, obvs), legitimately turn into the revelation that supporting character, mean girl Lauren, is intersex (the first intersex character on TV).


6: Amy Makes Mom Proud with Promiscuity



Amy's mother's delight at seeing a naked male fleeing her lesbian daughter's bedroom, followed by nonchalant acceptance of said daughter's perceived heterosexual BDSM tendencies adds even more angst to Amy's confusion.



7: Did they just make Twilight Serious?



A Twilight Saga hate-viewing marathon turning into a legitimate relationship metaphor might actually be the most surprising moment of realism yet.


8: Reagan vs. Karma



What's more awkward than your girlfriend meeting your BFF/fake-ex/girl you're in love with? Nothing. Except perhaps Amy's super-cool new girl Reagan learning the history at that exact moment.




9: Karma Learns About Liam and Amy



Learning your best friend slept with your boyfriend is rough even if the hookup wasn't immediately after you rejected her. For once Karma is the confused one, as Amy obliviously takes her relationship with Reagan to the next level.


10: Jail Heals all Wounds



A captive confession brings Amy and Karma back onto speaking terms and Liam gives up his dreams of art school to spring them from the slammer.


Honorable mentions, also from the mid-season finale: Lauren becomes instantly loved for her intersex admission, Shane's boyfriend went public with their love and Reagan and Amy's romantic camping trip led to some confusing dreams for both Amy and Karma.


Who's ready for Faking It to return? Are you team Reamy or do you still hold a torch for Karmy? Catch a teaser of next week's episode here:


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