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20 men who contributed to our gay sexual awakening

Our crushes revealed more about us than we realized. 

Yes, Gay Men Are Capable of Being Misogynists

There is no group immune to intolerance, Monica Rodman recently discovered.

Can LA Comic Con Cosplayers Guess Which Superheroes are Gay, Straight, or Bi?

We visited the Harley Quinns and demogorgons at Stan Lee's LA Comic Con and quizzed several cosplayers to see if they knew which superheroes are gay, straight, or bi.

LGBT Families Come Out to Celebrate Gay Days at Disneyland

"We come here to see families that look like ours."

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn Share Their First Kiss in DC Comics Main Universe

While this isn't the first time the two comic book characters shared a kiss, this marks the first time they've kissed in DC's main universe.

Abbi & Ilana Just Released a Line of 'Broad City' Themed Sex Toys

The comedic duo linked up with sex toy company LoveHoney to promote the new season of 'Broad City,' which returns to Comedy Central this September.

Carnival Cruise Now Offers Same-Sex Weddings in Bermuda

Following Bermuda's marriage equality ruling, Carnival Cruise announced they are now offering same-sex wedding packages at sea!

'Teen Wolf' Is Probably the Queerest Teen Drama of All Time

A list of all the queer characters who graced 'Teen Wolf' with their presence.  

Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell Crash a Lesbian Wedding

Who isn't jealous of this couple?

Noelle Stevenson and Amy T. Falcone Are Queering Up the D&D Universe

In a primarily male, hetero, cisgender industry, these two queer women are forging paths for queer characters and storylines.  

Absolut’s Latest Campaign “Kiss With Pride” Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Decriminalization of Homosexuality in UK

50 years ago today, homosexuality was finally decriminalized in England and Wales and Absolut is celebrating with a new campaign, "Kiss With Pride"

Louis Tomlinson Opens Up About Relationship With Harry Styles

In fact, Tomlinson finds it disrespectful that his fans are invalidating the existence of the person he loves most: his girlfriend.  

Ezra Miller Kisses Male Fan At San Diego Comic-Con

While promoting his upcoming film Justice League at San Diego Comic-Con, queer actor Ezra Miller made nice with his fans.

In This Children's Book, Santa Is a QPOC in an Interracial Relationship

Comedy writer Daniel Kibblesmith (of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) is making queer history with his new picture book titled Santa's Husband.

Sydney Celebrates 39th Annual Mardi Gras Pride Parade

Check out these golden moments from Sydney, Australia's 39th Annual Mardi Gras Pride Parade to celebrate the LGBTQ community. 

America Ferrera & Katy Perry Receive Honorary Awards for Their LGBT Activism

At this year's HRC Gala in Los Angeles, recipients America Ferrera and Katy Perry gave extremely emotional speeches upon accepting their awards.

These Images from the Women's Marches Around the World Have Us Choked Up

Children will soon be reading about January 21, 2017 in their textbooks; the day an entire gender stood up against everything that Donald Trump and his administration represent.

What the 'Moonlight' Cast & Crew Think of the Groundbreaking Film

Moonlight stars Naomie Harris and Mahershala Ali, and director Barry Jenkins tell us more about what it was like being in and making one of the year's most groundbreaking and diverse films.