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15 Queer Women Who Changed History

The world wouldn't be the same without these amazing women! 

10 Queer Women Who Changed History

The world wouldn't be the same without these amazing women! 

Crowdfunded LGBTQ Computer Science Scholarship Hopes to Honor Alan Turing

University of California, San Diego hopes to raise enough money for an endowed scholarship for LGBTQ students

WATCH: Go Behind the Scenes of Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair Shoot

"Bruce always had to tell a lie..."

5 Reasons Ireland’s Marriage Equality Vote is Good for the U.S.

Different country, shared victory.

Op-ed: LGBT Singles and the Marriage Equality Problem Nobody Talks About

If you want rights for the LGBTQ community, chances are you want rights for everyone

LGBT Vampire Web Series Carmilla Brings in More Diverse Cast

Our favorite queer vampire series is coming back for season 2!

In Their Own Words: The 7 Conservative Candidates on Marriage Equality

What have the Conservative presidential candidates said about marriage equality?

Where Did All The Girls Go- The Disappearing Lesbian Bar in the U.S.

There are only a few small lesbian watering holes left...where are they all going?

Miley Cyrus Steps Up To Tackle Homeless LGBT Youth Problem

the Happy Hippie Foundation seeks to help youth and reduce homelessness

10 Times Women Owned This Week's Marriage Hearing

No need to worry--the ladies have this one.

8 Amazing White House Correspondents’ Dinner Zingers from Cecily Strong

In a refreshing turn of events, press and President become the punchline at yearly Correspondents' Dinner

WATCH: ACLU Marriage Supercut Might Make You Cry

Same-sex love in pop culture through the years.

15 of the Most Horribly Misogynist Quotes About Hillary Clinton

Who else is already tired of sexist media?

WATCH: Marco Rubio Says 'Sexual Preference Is Not a Choice'

Admits being gay isn’t a choice…but still thinks same-sex marriage isn’t a constitutional right