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Ben Platt Hopes Celebs Won't Have To Come Out Anymore, Thanks Ellen

Taylor Henderson

On Ellen DeGeneres' talk show yesterday, Tony Award winner Ben Platt opened up about his coming out through his impassioned new music from his upcoming album, Sing To Me Instead

Last month, Platt began released lead singles from the album with music videos alluding to his relationships with men. On February 13, the Pitch Perfect star debuted an intimate video with Charlie Carver and told People Magazine, "We’re going to represent what this was inspired by, which was this man that I was in love with. So it was really a no-brainer."

With Ellen, the Broadway Baby shares what it was like sharing who he is through his art.

“I have never had the opportunity in my work or in my art to discuss my sexuality or my relationships. To have an opportunity to do that through something personal and through a piece of work has been really wonderful."

He goes on to tell Ellen that she paved the way for his own story. "I have to say I grew up a really big fan of yours and of your stand-up and was very inspired by you because you’re always, in the way that you discussed your sexuality and your relationships it became part of the art and part of what makes you so funny and…that was really inspiring to me.”

Platt hopes that the sexuality of celebs doesn't have to be an ordeal, it can be a simple showing of who you are. 

"Hopefully, we’re past the time where it has to be this whole giant announcement and it can just be part of who you are and part of the work."

"That’s what it should be," replied Ellen. "It should just be like, 'Oh we happen to know that that person is gay' and that should be it."

Platt did have one thing he wanted the world to know: "I’m very single. We can mention that," he joked.

Watch the interview and performance of his new single "Temporary Love" below.

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