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How To Get Velma & Coco's Look for a Perfect Halloween Couples Costume

Velma and Coco in Trick or Treak Scooby-Doo
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Animation

You can't go wrong with a classic, and now this one has the best lesbian twist!


Halloween is right around the corner, which means if you’re serious about costuming up for whatever soirees are in your immediate future, things are getting down to the wire. And if you’re looking to secure a couples costume, there’s even more work to be done before this year’s ghoulish gatherings take place.

There are plenty of ideas to mine across pop culture, but if you want to keep things super fresh, look no further than recently-outed-at-long-last lesbian Velma Dinkley and her cartoon crush, Coco Diablo, as seen in Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!

Fortunately, these costumes aren’t too complex to come up with, and allow for a lot of cutting corners without losing recognizability. After all, everyone can recognize a Velma, and while Coco doesn’t have the same visibility, it’s easy to provide strong context clues that yes, this is a couples costume before educating the masses on Velma’s sexuality.

So how do you get the looks?

Velma Dinkley

Warner Bros. Animation

Velma Dinkley

Orange and burgundy is the name of the game when it comes to Scooby-Doo’s resident brainiac.

Start with a long-sleeved orange turtleneck sweatshirt — form-fitting if you want to keep it sexy, or opt for a comfy chunky knit if you want it to fall similarly to Velma’s. Whichever option you choose, grab a pair of nearly knee-high socks to match.

From there, you’ll want a pleated burgundy skirt with matching Mary Janes, although ballet flats or some sort of sandals should do in a pinch. Some iterations of Velma skew towards a brighter red, but Trick or Treat’s sticks to a darker color palette. Whichever you choose, the key here is to keep the color in mind, as you’ll want to revisit it for Coco’s look.

But before we move on, don’t forget to grab a pair of Velma’s iconic square, thick-rimmed glasses. And you might want to throw on some extra blush to accentuate the way you stare at your crush all. night. long.

Coco Diablo

Warner Bros. Animation

Coco Diablo

Coco is more of an unknown variable in the long-running franchise, meaning that while she may not be as instantly recognizable as Velma, you also have more leeway when it comes to picking out clothes. Still, we’re going to offer up some choices for sticking as close to the animation as possible.

Whatever shade of red you chose for Velma’s skirt and shoes (ideally burgundy), you’ll want to revisit that for Coco’s turtleneck sweater so as underscore the fact that yes, this is a couples costume and no, you are not just gal pals.

Basic dark gray slacks are next up for the object of Velma’s affection, to be complemented by a simple black belt. Any black belt will work, but looking for something with a round or oval silver buckle will keep you closest to canon. Then, grab some stylish black boots with just a little bit of height to them.

Fortunately, Coco’s got a couple fun accessories to go along with her outfit — white gloves, oversized red glasses (these ladies are so close to twinning already), and a dark yellow measuring tape complete the look.

Or at least, they almost do.

Velma wristband close up

Warner Bros. Animation

Thanks to some hijinks, Velma and Coco end up with some matching…we’ll call them bracelets…in the movie, which is another great way to signal that this costume is meant for a duo.

You might have to go a little DIY to make this part happen, but snagging matching bangles, wrist cuffs that you spray paint silver, or even something a little more outside of the box should make a good base. Affix a heart-shaped cookie cutter to each and either paint the space underneath it red or slip a carefully cut film gel underneath and voila, it’s cuffing season.

And that's it! You and your partner in spookiness are all set to absolutely slay this Halloween as the latest it couple. Just don't forget the Scooby snacks!

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Rachel Kiley is presumably a writer and definitely not a terminator. She can usually be found crying over queerbaiting in the Pitch Perfect franchise or on Twitter, if not both.

Rachel Kiley is presumably a writer and definitely not a terminator. She can usually be found crying over queerbaiting in the Pitch Perfect franchise or on Twitter, if not both.