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Neil Patrick Harris Brings High Camp To New Show Drag Me to Dinner

Neil Patrick Harris Brings High Camp to New Show 'Drag Me To Dinner'

Neil Patrick Harris Brings High Camp to New Show 'Drag Me To Dinner'
Photo: Jeong Park / Hulu

The acclaimed actor is putting the spotlight on drag queens in the kitchen!


These queens are quite literally eating up the competition.

Neil Patrick Harris is a Hollywood staple known for his incredible work on stage, on screen, and behind the scenes for plenty of notable projects.

The Emmy winner is now stepping into reality TV with Drag Me to Dinner,as Harris acts as one of the distinguished judges trying out plenty of interesting dishes created by competing drag queen duos.

"We thought that drag queens deserve to be seen in a positive, comedic light. Every time we have interacted with queens, we laugh! Our faces hurt from smiling. We leave buoyant and high on life. [We wanted] to do something that showcases these queens in a positive way that's off the rails [and] a fun, messy party," Harris tells PRIDE.

Not only did Harris get to recruit some amazing drag queens for this project, but his husband and creative partner David Burtka also joins in on the fun.

"We love drag queens. We thought it was a perfect project for the both of us to produce and create. I'm friends with almost all of those queens! I was able to make calls. They were so gracious to help us out. By show three, we were just cracking up. Everyone's having so much fun and you can see that conveyed on camera. That's what we really wanted," Burtka adds.

The selection of queens competing on this first season are some of the best in the business. From RuPaul's Drag Race favorites to standout local queens, the show has a diverse cast of hysterical entertainers.

"How can you have a show and not include a queen named Biqtch Puddiń? We revere these people and these queens are great. They have such positive energy. We wanted to be able to showcase each episode and have it be unique and different. We wanted to make sure the queens felt respected, because we respect them so much," Harris says.

Drag Me to Dinner is streaming now on Hulu. To see the full interview with Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, check out the video below.

Neil Patrick Harris Brings High Camp to New Show 'Drag Me to Dinner'

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