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Neil Patrick Harris Slams James Woods Over Transphobic Tweet

Neil Patrick Harris Slams James Woods Over Transphobic Tweet

Neil Patrick Harris Slams James Woods Over Transphobic Tweet

CJ, the target of James Woods's attack, is 10. He's a child.

Neil Patrick Harris took James Woods to task over a transphobic attack he made on Twitter.


Here's the tweet Mr. Woods posted earlier this week. I warn you, it's as disturbing as it is crazy and rude.

This is CJ, the target of James Woods's attack. He's 10. He's a child. Let me repeat that: a 10-year-old child.



And this is the banner from CJ's mom's website. 

Instagram,  RaisingMyRainbow

CJ's mother, Lori Duron, knows a bit about gender non-conforming parenting. She launched the website above in part to celebrate a book she wrote on the subject. 

So naturally, when Neil Patrick Harris got wind of Woods's online attack, he came to CJ's defense.

Bravo, NPH! Bravo!

James Woods is known to play himself as a recurring character on "Family Guy."

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Twittervia Giphy

OK so he plays a villainous version of himself, but now we gotta wonder how close to reality that character actually is.

Fortunately for CJ, James Woods is not his parent. And good thing he knows Neil Patrick Harris as a friend. 


That's NPH with his hottie his wonderful husband actor David Burtka, and their two adorable children. 

NPH posts things like this on his social media.


He's a real role model for LGBT people everywhere. 

James Woods posts things like this, on his Twitter.

We know Mr. Woods. We know.


Which makes total sense!

Whenever someone is accused of LGBT-discrimination the "I-have-lots-of-gay-friends-defense" is totes redeeming!

Of course we believe'ya! 

via Giphyvia GIPHY

Don't you?

This was CJ's first Pride. Lori posts proud things about her son and their special relationship all the time.

Like that... 

...and even questions those gender reveal parties which have gotten so popular.



Her: We’re having a gender reveal! Me: No, you’re having a genitalia reveal. Parents-to-be CAN’T reveal their unborn baby’s gender. In general, gender is what’s in a person’s head that tells them that they’re male or female (or both or neither or some unique combination). A child’s concept of gender starts to develop around age three. So, a child’s third or fourth birthday would be a good time for parents to host a gender reveal. Parents-to-be CAN reveal their unborn baby’s sex. In general, sex is what’s between a person’s legs that tells them they’re male or female. That’s what’s truly revealed at a gender reveal. The fetus’s sex. Its genitals. Its penis or vagina. (Or both if the baby is intersex.) When I attend gender reveal parties and the parents-to-be yell “It’s a boy!,” I want to yell back “The baby has a penis!” When they shout, “It’s a girl!,” I want to shout “The baby has a vagina!” • • • • • #genderreveal #genderrevealparty #babyshower #baby #babygirl #babyboy #gender #genderfluid #gendernonconforming #gendercreative #parenting

A post shared by Raising My Rainbow (@raisingmyrainbow) on

Way to go proud mama!

CJ is lucky! With his mom and supporting family it's LGBT Pride every day!

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