So Brown's Newest Music Video Has a Message for America

PRIDE Editor

Emerging artist So Brown just released the music video for their latest single "United States of Deprivation," and it has some artistic messages about the current state of the nation.

"This video has been years in the making," So Brown said in a statement about making the music video. "It started with the idea for the song, me walking down the streets in Brooklyn working out lyric ideas. People probably thought I was crazy, talking to myself. But I knew I was on to something good because when I would perform it acoustically at shows the crowd would go nuts."

So continued:

"I actually wrote the song a couple years ago and it was so raw, no one really knew what to do with it. Then the election happened, and all the sudden, everyone got it. Someone came up to me at a show, an folk guy from the '60s, and he said 'This is a true protest song, but with the finger pointed at self.'

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